Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Elona Fusilli and Penne

Hello guysss!! 
sorry for not being active... >_<" 
so, about a few weeks ago I bought myself a new automatic 2 in one straighter and curler called Fusilli and Penne from the brand Elona.. It's basically a product with Japanese technology ;) and u guys know that I'm a  forever fan of Japan 🇯🇵 
Anywayy.. it's not just about the Japanese technology or what.. but this product is surely awesome! with those 2 in 1 function, automatic rotation and of course titanium coating barrel that won't make me hesitate to choose this product! 
I mean.. it's really easy and simple to use it.. and I will give the rating 4/5 :D
too bad it's not that portable :( because of its long size and power cord.. and it's pretty heavy too! 
cutest packaging eveerrr!!!! with a short story in it.. ahahha 
easy to use.. but be careful not to touch the titanium.. it's reaaaally hot.. >_< 
for a closer look..
You can set the temperature and even the speed of the rotation :) 
Look! :p really easy to useee.. 

final result!! haha :D
it last for 2-3 days!! 

Overall, I'm so happy with Elona エロナ and since I bought it in a promotion booth.. I only have to pay idr 800k and I also got a bonus!!
guess what?!... A COMB!! haha.. a real cute one though.. 
Aah.. I really enjoy  using this comb to brush my messy hair :3 

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Michiru :* 

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