Monday, 9 November 2015

Eyelash Extension at Lash Doll Japan


Sorry not sorry for not posting so long. So as you can see, now I'm living in Osaka, Japan, away from everyone in Bandung. Found amazing new friends here though :)

So, last Sunday, I gave myself an early birthday present, something I have always wanted to try ever since I heard about it *drumrolls* EYELASH EXTENSIONS!! 

Eyelash extensions in Indo is expensive for me, around IDR 600k. In Japan it's ¥4000 (+/- IDR 480k). You get 80 new lashes.

You can choose between 3 types of style ( I'm using the general terms on the internet cos when I came everything is in Japanese and I was like (・_・; ):

1. Dolly Eyes

This style make you have bigger eyes and rounder one cos the longest lash would be put in the middle part of the lash line. 

2. Sexy Eyes

Basically will lengthen your eyes abit cos they have the longest lash put in the outer corner of your eyelash line.

3. Gorgeous Eyes

Naturally even and thick, following your natural eyelash shape and setting just thicker and longer.

Bellow is the before after picture. I didn't take much cos I'm sort of in a rush that day. But aside from the good result, I can  tell you that during the treatment I was sleeping cos the bed they use and the ambience are so so so good.

Does it hurt? No

The only (-) thing about having eyelash extensions aside from getting pissed off everytime a ¥50 worth of lashes fell out is :: you cannot rub your eyes freely.

Overall I'm happy with the result even though I am tokidoki pissed when one of the lashes fell out, like super pissed. 

I've been told that the extension lasts 2-3 weeks, but for some lucky girls it can last upto 2 months. Ofc, I want to be part of the "lucky girls" lol. 

NOTE : Need to make an appointment for having your lashes extended. Please come at least a day before :)

Having eyelash extension or まつげエクステ is very very convenience in my opinion cos it saves you 3-5 minutes of applying make up : mascara + eyelash curler + false eyelashes → no need. And you get to wake up pretty everyday. 

My morning face now without any make up on, no edit also. Now I only need to focus on my eyebrows every morning.

Ok see you on my next post :) 



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