Saturday, 7 November 2015

Broken Beyond Repair

Our lifespan is limited with a number of heartbeats and I'd rather laugh for absolutely no reason than to cry for a worthless person...

Everytime I got my heart broke, I always think like this : for every tears I shed I'll only feel emptier.. Emptiness is always be my reason to hold back the tears and fight it with a smile and laughter. With smile and laugh, you can do many incredible things, it makes you feel easier and so does your environment. 

And so... there's this point in my life in which I got so frustated. Everyday in my life I cried, cried and cried.. Often asking to myself why on earth did I born for? 
Honestly, until now I still have the same question in my head.. I never really feel fulfilled inside, there're always parts of me  which's gone and my heart never ever once feel content. 
After some times.. I realise that I've got to be stronger at some point.. I musn't cry anymore and I promise that to myself. 
All forms of life are sufferings.. that's what the Buddha said and that's also what I think. Life damages all of us and no one can ever escapes it.. Someday, even if there's only 1 single person who can truly understand my true self.. I'll consider it as a miracle :) because losing a person who recognise you in this world is the same as losing your value of existence.. and I won't let that happen ever again....

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