Thursday, 24 September 2015

We called it a day :)

Hello everyone!! yesterday (24 Sept 2015) I had so muuch fun XD with モミジ and Picco (モミジのかれし).. We had our breakfast at Tokyo connection :p 
Momiji and Picco had gyudon (beefbowls), meanwhile I had salmon onigiri and lady sakura (beer with syrup, cocktails, etc). 
beef bowl
Onigiri :D yumm
Lady Sakura 🌸

At first, on my way to our meeting point.. mom and I are kinda arguing because of some problems.. that I couldn't really share here.. it ended up with my messed up mood, mental breakdown and me crying :( I was really embrassed with both of them.. I mean that day supposed to be my last encounter/ hang out with Momiji in Bandung and I ought to make it memorable for her.. But, the situation ended up differently for me... 
my actual appareance on that day
I was so excited to see her >_< 
I'm sorry that I ruin your lovely morning by showing my teary face to both of you!

But, anyway.. you always cheer me up and make me smile again.. and forget all of my problems and dilema :D 
and moreover.. you're always capable on making me smile this big :D.. Turning my gloomy face into a warm big smile 
I couldn't be more happier and thankful to have a bff like you >_< argghh.. 
 happy.. I'm so happy to meet you, to see you, to talk to you, to eat with you.. It's such a blessing!!
>__< haha
Gyaaah.. they're so lovey doveyy!! XD haha.. 


Next time... when I get myself a proper boyfie, we'll definitely do a double date okayy!!? haha.. 

Michiru :o 

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  1. Ya nanti double date! Ditunggu sakura petalnya yaa hehehe *big hug* モミジ♡