Thursday, 24 September 2015

[ 1 + 1 = 1 ] ♥︎

Hello :)

Today I am the happiest girl on earth!!

We had breakfast in Tokyo Connection and spent hours talking and oooh Lol. I always enjoy talking to her :D she's the sweetest girl ever existed ! Can't wait to be all excited talking about the future again via skype!

2. Food frenzy today : TC's beef bowl set, 5 plates of sushi, 1 nama matcha ice cream, 1 piece of corn ice cream, popcorn (medium), half portion of Yoshinoya original beef bowl (L) + egg mayo and chicken katsu and dumpling! (Picco accompany me on my food rampage LOL #shameless)

3. Picco finally asked me to be his girlfriend! So now I am officially his and he is officially mine ♡ OMG I'm so happy!! 

It's already been 4 months knowing Picco and never a day do I regret talking to him :) and it's already passed the 3 months time requirement to see whether you love the guy or just friendly like, I suppose you've known the answer already since I said yes to his question ♡

I don't know how to describe my feelings right now other than saying I'm happy, excited, glad, hyped, joyful, happy, in love, repeat ♡

Okk, I just finished writing in our 1+1=1 book (the small one), spent 3 hours, and I'm tired soo goodnight :)

Sorry, no pics, those are either in Mei's phone or Picco's phone (^ν^)



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