Saturday, 15 August 2015

Lazy Brow Tutorial


Many says I do my eyebrows justice and so many asks how? 

To be honest, I'm just doing minimal effort doing my brows each time I go out. I don't even shave them so they're sorta messy and unruly (u_u) 

And as I am too unexperienced in altering eyebrow's shape I just go with my natural shape only "editing" the outer part.

Drawing eyebrows like mine is super easy just follow the hands bellow, yes?

Normally I rarely use the mascara though but if you want your brows to appear thicker naturally just apply mascara instead.

Also I use dark brown pencil, not black, to avoid looking like Shincan. Brown colored pencils are easier in the eye also, it doesn't really make your brows look unnaturally thick but naturally thick. Get what I mean?

If you want to use black though, don't put much pressure while applying and draw your brows as if you're drawing little hairs.

Also it would be better if you shave your brows so there's no little hair sprouting out here and there (( like mine above (u_u) )).

Last, thanks for reading have a good day!


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