Friday, 28 August 2015

Campus Life(warning: consists A LOT of Photos)

Hello readers!! 
It's been a while since I don't give any updates in this blog :( the main reason is that I've been super busy maintaining my busy campus life and stuffs. 
Anyway, I really want to share some of my stories about almost everything :p in here.. (including my orientation days, some of my opinions and thoughts and my life these days).. 
*In case you guys haven't know yet, I take business administration as my degree at Catholic University of Parahyangan in Bandung, Indonesia. 
So, here we goo.. (sorry for spaming with some group photos) 
Can you guys point out which one is me?? :p (clue : I'm the one standing behind, beside the kakak mentor) 
The 1-2 days of my campus orientation was definetely pretty exciting, I was excited.. It was osgab(ospek gabungan) in which we have our orientation with the other students from other faculty.. 
The first and second day is not really tiring, we just practically went to the classroom to have some ppt presentation and mini games and stuffs.. 
the 3-5 days was hell.. it was osfak ( ospek fakultas)/ faculty orientation in which so tiring as I got sooo many stupid tasks( groups & individual).. I stayed up so late those days.. and it made my panda eyes worsened.. as you can see in several selfies :( 
The faculty orientation was also super rough.. we got to met kakak tatib (discipline division) yg judes bgt dan galak every damned morning!!  T__T.. They're so unreasonably meany :( 

By the way.. here's selfies timeee.. :3 

with Awanda (HI, faculty of social and politic).. She comes from tangerang.. ohh please pardon my tired face and hair :( I know it's so ugly 'kay! We must tied our hair in a ponytail and pinned back our bangs as well :'O.. 
:( practically forcing a smile on my face.. 
with Isheeell (business administration) XD she is my friend's friend that's basically my friend now!! hahah.. Ishel comes from Bogor. 
Please don't get sick seeing my face kayy!! haha 
with Janis (BA) 
She told me to crop her.. but, instead I sensored it!! haha 
With Maudi (HI) she comes from Kalimantan >_< 
With Cristine(BA) from Palembang. Taken in a fine days of my university life..
With Marnny( public administration), she comes from Nias!!! 
I finally found some free time to pamper myself.. so beetwen the busy life, I manage to go to my usual hairstylist to re-dyed my hair dark chocolate!! XD 

At first.. I'm kinda shock with the new system of university.. the schedule is super duper random although it only consists with 8 courses. I even have classes from mon to sat :( and on tuesday.. I've got a night class from 4-7pm!! :'( 
Here's my schedule!! In case you guys want to visit and bring me foods me, eh!! :p haha *just kidding.. 
Aaaaaaaa I really miss my highschool life and friends.. I miss them a HELLA LOT!! a guy friend of mine once told me that I must enjoy my highschool times to the fullest 'cause no matter what you'll eventually miss them!! and I bet he's damn right.. 'cause right now I'm missing them so badly, I wanna go back to the old times.. :(  
Well, I already know that eventually all of my friends will leave and walk their own path of life... but right now, right here... I just feel that I can't let them go yet :( due to our lovely days and memories we shared together.. I feel like I'm missing something.. happy hour easy pass, it's a line I got from someone that has always been stuck in my mind.. for forever :) 
with Cristine, Boni and William.. Boni comes from Bogor while Will comes from Toli-toli!! ( but, he's Makassar). They're such a funny and interesting guys to talk to.. ehe.. 
with Will and Cristine :) 

A photo with a guy named Willy( William). He told me that he rarely get a photograph or even takes a photo of himself.. and I thought that, somehow me (who really like to be photographed) is a complete upside down from him.. haha.. Neverthless, I also tought that.. sometimes it's not really bad to have your photos taken even in your baddest, ugliest moment.. because photos speak louder than any form of data..of memories.. :) 

Warm Hug, 

Michiru :* 

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