Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Smile Salon : Coloring Treatment review


If you have been following my instagram feed [[ @zheng.ruixiang ]], you must've known already about me going to this Salon to change and fix my hair color. Ok, so honestly, I have only been a customer to Smile twice (first time to cut my hair short, second is yesterday to color my hair). Smile is quite popular with kids [[ KIDS SMILE ]] that's the original name for the Salon which is actually meant for kids only if I remember correctly, they use car - shaped seats or planes that can make noises (to keep kids happy and relaxed, I suppose, while the hairstylists are cutting their hair) and Smile Salon is meant for the adult customers (DUH!).

OK, so, yesterday Bella and I went to Paris Van Java so we can have our hair pampered. We're technically the first customer to enter cos we went there at 10 am. We asked for the coloring price, short hair is IDR 200k and medium is IDR 250k using L'OREAL. They have two options for hair coloring it's either you use L'OREAL hair dye or MATRIX ones. MATRIX costs cheaper, short hair is IDR 150K, medium IDR 200K and long IDR 250K. 

The cashier lady showed us the color chart from both L'OREAL and MATRIX. And, yes I did ask the difference between both dyes, they said L'OREAL is better. Well, I took so long in deciding the color and the shades but I do know what I want : to remove the reddish color of my hair due to my previous dye :) So I consult one of the available stylist : Yogi. He said that if I want to get rid of the reddish tone and stuff, I shouldn't use brown cos it'll turn orange instead I should use blonde dyes to get the greenish shine block the ugly orange-y tone. If I choose blonde, my hair will turn brownish. That's what he said so I was like "OK, I'll choose this blonde tone, L'OREAL 12.07 Medium Ash Blonde."

Then I was told to sit and Yogi first check my hair condition. 

He asked me when was the last time I dyed my hair and I said : a few months ago (I was lying LOL). Then he proceeded to mix the dye and applied it on my hair. 

He applied it with his hand (using gloves), per section, and the dye doesn't even touch my roots. Then I wait for 30-45 minutes which feels like so long. 

After that, he reapplied the dye again, on my roots this time, using all the dyes with the dying brush. And for a moment I thought to myself : Oh, I guess I have been dying my hair the wrong way all the time.  

I wait for about 15 mins then he washed my hair twice and dry it.

The result? The reddish color is almost gone, and my hair really turned ashy dark blonde with no reddish or orange-y shine coming out when there's a light shining down upon them. YES! BUT!! The section around my bangs is still reddish but has stopped showing the orange-y shine. I guess the previous dye that I used was super strong. OH WELL, it looks as if I have dark strawberry blonde, sort of.

Under different lightning, this is what I meant by strawberry.

The before and after picture

Here's the thing with SMILE and maybe any other hair salon when dyeing the customer's hair : 

1. Most refuse coloring customer's hair that has been dyed black before.

That is because once you dye your hair black, it'll become harder to get the lighter color, let's just say brown, to really get into you hair and that may result in uneven hair color.

Some will offer to bleach your hair, like SMILE, yesterday they offered to bleach my sis' hair but they warned her the bleach will make the hair ugly and frizzy (umm, not me, I bleached my hair and it only get a bit dry not frizzy. Appreciate the warning though). 

Some will stupidly said : Oh, no, hair that's already dyed black CANNOT be dyed again. WTF, the cashier ladies at Brown Salon by Rudy Hadisuwarno said that to me and I immediately hate them, clearly, they don't have better things or words to choose, they can tell me to bleach or at least explain why, not just deliberately said it was impossible :( plus it's said by cashier ladies whom I thought is not as smart and knowledgeable as the stylists.

2. Some refuse to dye the customer's hair if the customer has just dyed their hair 2-3 months ago.

So we have to show up with 3 months old hair color before they'd dye our hair again. This is because they don't want to cause more damage to our already damaged hair. This is the case with Yogi, which is why I lied in the first place lol.

Overall, I give Smile a 3.5/5 rate and you must've known why after reading my review above.

And I guess I won't be dyeing my hair again for quite some time cos I am already happy with the color. Don't know if I get bored though.



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