Friday, 3 July 2015

O'life Organic Konjac Sponge (Lemon) Review

Hello everyone!! long time no updates xp (forgive me >.<") 
This time I'll make a review about my new konjac face sponge.
here it is.. the packaging is so hygienic :) 
For all of you who don't know what konjac is..well, let me explain it a bit for you.. so, basically konjac is a natural vegetable root which produce antioxidants and vitamins! This konjac root was processed to become pollen and then turn them into this non-chemical, no colours face sponge. The contents of this sponge is very safe for skin face and even toddlers also able to use it :3 
The sponge come with many variety of colours and types which's every single one of them has their own function! I bought the lemon one it was said to be effective to reduce black spots, acnes and highly rich of vit c that can make your skin face become more white and clear!! >__< 
So.. yeah this konjac sponge also comes with maaaany benefits!!
1.) Anti bacteria
2.) Deep cleansing
3.) Unique texture which's so soft and comfortable to use
4.) Moisturize and balance our skin ph
5.) 100% natural and biodegradable 
6.) Comes with a high absorption :3 
It's even more easy to use!! Just wet the konjac sponge until it's soft and then you can use your daily cleanser and gently message your face and neck area! 
Also don't forget to hang the sponge dry and sanitize it by boiling (1-2 minutes) every 2 weeks. 
There you go... :D 

I feel rather more clean to use sponge to clean my skin face, because skin face is a really sensitive one and I don't want my face to be dirty.. and even worse get an acne!! >_<" 
Therefore if you're interested in this konjac sponge you can visit their website on 
Aah..yeah.. a journey to get a fair and clear skin is not easy.. but!! the most important thing is to always clean your face well, drink a lot of water, eat vegetables and fruits and sleep well!! :D

I hope you guys enjoy my review.. please feel free to ask and comment below!! 
Always..always.. alwaaays stay tuned!! :3



  1. harganya brpaan ya? aku takut kena yg palsu

    1. harganya sekitar 40 ribu waktu itu aku beli.. dan udh disc 40%. :)