Saturday, 13 June 2015

Cute Make up with Glasses :*

Hello minna-san!!! >_< お久しぶり! forgive me for no update in a pretty long time :p 
This time I'll be posting about how to look cute by wearing glasses!!! 
ok..ok??! who said you can't be cute with glasses?? heehe.. actually I also have eye problems >_< I've been wearing glasses since 5 years old! My eyesight is not that bad.. but still.. it bugs me when I read/ studying or even driving.. So yeah, wearing glasses is the best choice though :) 

without glasses!! so the point here is the eye make up!! I even use eyelid tape to make my both of my eyes appear bigger.. aaand don't forget to use dark colour eye-shadow like brown, darkbrown or black... 
Don't forget to also apply eyeliner and use dolly wink falsies to make your eyes bigger and bolder!! 
The last thing is.. apply natural colour of blush on and a pink korean lip tint!! 
you are done aaand reaady to goooo!!! :* 

haii!! take a closer look :3 
sorry for the blurry image.. I took it on my snapchat :) 

Please enjoy creating this look!! I hope this tips and tricks will help you guys!!! 
See u later and stay tuned!!