Thursday, 21 May 2015

StudioMakeup Super Shine Lip gloss Dream review

Hello guyss!!! long time no update >_< sorry!! I've been in a suupeeer long holiday lately.. so yeah kinda lazy to do some update :p *slaap 
anyway.., just yesterday I've received a package from @studiomakeupid (ig) 
Sooo excited cause studiomakeup is basically opening soon in Jakarta aaand it's French lair, USA made brand!! >_< 
from the package I got 2 products, they're colour shiny lip gloss and black/brown eyeliner.. Nah, in this post I'll review one of the products.. The lip gloss!!!
>_< cool colour and awesome packaging!!
As you can see the colour's pretty shiny in my skin, but apply so well in my lips! 
Naturally shiny!!! >_< and the best part is it keeps my lips mouisturized for hours!!

I just loooveee it soo much.. it makes my looks fresher although the dark circle under my eyes.. and it smells nice too!! smells like a melon. 😙😘 hehee
tehee :3 
Pros :
-It consists vit A, E and C which's really play an important thing to keep your lips nourished.
-Naturally shiny with a great natural colour.
-smells really good
-pretty packaging and portable
-stands for hours :) 
-easy to apply
Cons :
Nothing.. really 

Thank you for reading!!! wait for another review.. Always stay tuned!!!

Love you guys :*

Michiru :3 

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