Thursday, 21 May 2015

StudioMakeup Super Shine Lip gloss Dream review

Hello guyss!!! long time no update >_< sorry!! I've been in a suupeeer long holiday lately.. so yeah kinda lazy to do some update :p *slaap 
anyway.., just yesterday I've received a package from @studiomakeupid (ig) 
Sooo excited cause studiomakeup is basically opening soon in Jakarta aaand it's French lair, USA made brand!! >_< 
from the package I got 2 products, they're colour shiny lip gloss and black/brown eyeliner.. Nah, in this post I'll review one of the products.. The lip gloss!!!
>_< cool colour and awesome packaging!!
As you can see the colour's pretty shiny in my skin, but apply so well in my lips! 
Naturally shiny!!! >_< and the best part is it keeps my lips mouisturized for hours!!

I just loooveee it soo much.. it makes my looks fresher although the dark circle under my eyes.. and it smells nice too!! smells like a melon. 😙😘 hehee
tehee :3 
Pros :
-It consists vit A, E and C which's really play an important thing to keep your lips nourished.
-Naturally shiny with a great natural colour.
-smells really good
-pretty packaging and portable
-stands for hours :) 
-easy to apply
Cons :
Nothing.. really 

Thank you for reading!!! wait for another review.. Always stay tuned!!!

Love you guys :*

Michiru :3 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Natural Make Tutorial


As you all know, I haven't been a big fan of natural style, at least, not until last month. My favorite is always the gyaru style because of the lashes included. Shockingly though, when I was trying this look for the first time, I think I like it so much that I decide to put this natural style to become my second favorite m.u. style (^∇^)for now.

I mean, how could I dislike it? It's easy to apply, only took approximately 10-15 minutes and it's easy to erase also! Plus I was mistaken as a foreigner twice when I was using this make up style (@_@)

Ok enough babbling, let's move on to the tutorial, but first, apply the basic foundation ok? Usually I'm just so lazy that I only put powder on ahahaha.

Well, I think most of you have already know that mascara is an instant way to make eyebrows appear naturally thicker.

Picture 3 is mascara only but in picture 4, I applied brown brown pencil on my brows and then I use mascara for a more natural look.

Well, I didn't draw my brows super thick cos I intended to keep it look natural, not like tattoed.

Aand voila! You're ready to go ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Before you ask anything, yes there's no part 3 : lips because to be honest I rarely apply make up on my lips.

Ok so I hope this super simple tutorial helps and I wish you'd look good in it, get compliments or maybe even attract your crush (?) ahahaha 

Another selfie using this very same make up style

Ahaha mm ok 2 selfies are like enough 


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Holiday Munchies pt.1

Helloooo <3

Even though I am on a diet in order to get a purrfect body, I can't resist the temptation of these snacks (@_@)

1. Pocky Matcha Crumbs

Glico sure knows how to make Matcha fans scream in awe seeing this heavenly tasted snack all packed up in one box.

The box is quite big, but let us see the insides as it is the most important part heheh

You can see all the Matche crumbs "splattered" all around the Pocky stick (^∇^)♥︎

Cause Matcha is one of my favorite flavour, I'm giving this snack a 4.5/5 score. 

Why is it not 5/5? 
Because the amount of pocky(s) inside are just too little [forgive me for being a glutton]

2. Pocky Almond Crush

Classic almond is like everyone's favorite. I'd give this tasty snack a full 5/5 only if the package contains more than 12 sticks (´・_・`)

3. Pocky Double Choco

This one is like the original choco pocky's big brother. It is two times thicker and more delicious and luckily it's not so sweet so I love it ahahaha [not a big fan of too-sweet things which is why I dislike white and milk chocolate].

4. Pocky chocolate Crush

This one is also my favorite [basically I like almost every flavor of Pockies that Glico produces]. The crumbs that you see there are actually the biscuits whichin turn  makes every bite you take crunchy ahahaha (⌒▽⌒)♥︎

Too bad it only contains like 24 sticks inside, despite the box being so big and all. So disappointed by your stinginess, Glico, lol. Two thumbs up for the packaging though !!

Ok part two coming up next, hint : no pockies next time!