Saturday, 25 April 2015

Schwarzkopf : Berry Ash Hair Dye

Hello! It's been ages since the last time I write somethig here :( ANYWAY, since I'm already out of highschool, meaning I can try dyeing my hair in whatever color, post it here and dye again, I tried dyeing my hair using one bottle full of dyes (@_@)

Ok I tried dyeing my hair before twice, once during December, before xmas holiday I dyed my hair brownish (supposed to be ash-colored but uh I got brown instead) and after sometimes, I dyed my hair with black hair dye cos I grew bored of the brownish color and also my black roots had started sprouting.

First dye 

Dyed it back to black

And now back to brunette

The first two times dying my hair, I didn't use full bottle of the dye, only half so the first and the third picture of the result has different hair color.

These are the items that you'll find inside the box : after-dye conditioner, developer, pump, hair dye, 1 pair of gloves, guide.

One bottle of developer

The hair color

Pour the hair color into the developer bottle

Use the pump as the lid and swing the bottle right and left but don't shake it too much

Wear your gloves (provided inside the box)

Pump the insides of the bottle 

Apply it all over your hair and wait for 30-40 mins 

After this, wash your hair like you normally do and apply the conditioner provided inside the box. 

Voila! You successfully dyed your hair :)

Well, despite the pricey price of the hairdye, I think this schwarzkopf hairdye is worth to try and it's not so pricey compared to other hairdyes. At first, I was a bit skeptical and also hesitate to use this one cos of the lack of reviews on the internet and also each reviews are too different! But I tried it anyway and I love it <3 

NB: the product give different color result cos the result depends on your previous color, so don't be mad if you didn't get what you expected. If you want to get the exact same color, bleach your hair first beforehand.

What's so good about this dye is that it doesn't leave my hair dry. My hair is even smoother than before and also easier to style. 

And even though it only appears ash-y under certain lights, I can't say I hate the result.


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