Sunday, 5 April 2015

マルカワの🍭 (Marukawa Candies)

Okayy, this post is devoted for  somebody who asked me to post more about Japanese candy.. 
So, basically this Marukawa gum candies were pretty popular since I was a little kid and I always love chewing this gum because unlike any other "cheap" gum it doesn't leave my mouth feel sticky after making a baloon out of this gums!! 

It contains 4 packs of little gum balls with variety of flavour : Orange, grape, cola and soda. The other 3 are apple, yogurt and strawberry!! 
The flavour tastes so real and yummy.. it's not too sweet and rather has a sour flavour.. 

Look!! the packaging are soo Japanese and adorable!! LOL. 

yeaa.. It's an ultimate fun to make a balloon!! :o 

One thing for sure is.. I always.. always fell in love for Japanese sweets product even before I try it and it's mainly because of their cute packaging design.. >_< and It's also because Japanese sweets are soo good in quality.. So it's practically okay for me to spend more on Japanese products 

Do you guys love to chew bubble gum? Which one is your favourite?? A.aand have you try this gums before??

Comment below!!

Michiru <3

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