Wednesday, 1 April 2015

3D Bomb Curl Brush

Remember the 3D curl brush that I've got from the expo? Well, when I was strolling around AYOU's store, the shop attendant recommended me this brush, she said it's going to give us bouncy curl (for long hair) or fluffy bob hairstyle (for short hair)

Well, I am always skeptical about brushes like this cause I think they're not so effective as curling irons but the staff give me a little demo about it and so I invested 140k of my money on this beauty tool hoping it would be useful in the future.

But actually, I don't need to wait that long to proof the usefulness of this bomb shaped brush. Few weeks ago I tried using it while drying my hair

My hair's a mess when it's wet and if I let it dry without doing anything to it, it'll have like uneven flicks at the end and it looks weirdly unappealing and it's uncomfortable going around with a hair like that -except at home lol.

I'm twisting the brush inward cause I don't want my hair to flick outward.

Don't mind the face lol. And bellow's the result.

Everything is so neat compared to the before picture. Can finally have bouncy bobs without needing to got to see a professional hair stylist (^◇^)

The brush size compared to my face size. The brush is not that big but their round shape make me confused as to where should I put this thing hahaha 

I tried using it again just two days ago and it gave me same result, even better.

Well, the bomb curl brush has become one of my bestfriend and I really can't wait to see how it works on longer hair.

Ps: didn't bother putting make up on cause I'm happy enough being in my own skin and cause I was being lazy.


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