Saturday, 25 April 2015

Schwarzkopf : Berry Ash Hair Dye

Hello! It's been ages since the last time I write somethig here :( ANYWAY, since I'm already out of highschool, meaning I can try dyeing my hair in whatever color, post it here and dye again, I tried dyeing my hair using one bottle full of dyes (@_@)

Ok I tried dyeing my hair before twice, once during December, before xmas holiday I dyed my hair brownish (supposed to be ash-colored but uh I got brown instead) and after sometimes, I dyed my hair with black hair dye cos I grew bored of the brownish color and also my black roots had started sprouting.

First dye 

Dyed it back to black

And now back to brunette

The first two times dying my hair, I didn't use full bottle of the dye, only half so the first and the third picture of the result has different hair color.

These are the items that you'll find inside the box : after-dye conditioner, developer, pump, hair dye, 1 pair of gloves, guide.

One bottle of developer

The hair color

Pour the hair color into the developer bottle

Use the pump as the lid and swing the bottle right and left but don't shake it too much

Wear your gloves (provided inside the box)

Pump the insides of the bottle 

Apply it all over your hair and wait for 30-40 mins 

After this, wash your hair like you normally do and apply the conditioner provided inside the box. 

Voila! You successfully dyed your hair :)

Well, despite the pricey price of the hairdye, I think this schwarzkopf hairdye is worth to try and it's not so pricey compared to other hairdyes. At first, I was a bit skeptical and also hesitate to use this one cos of the lack of reviews on the internet and also each reviews are too different! But I tried it anyway and I love it <3 

NB: the product give different color result cos the result depends on your previous color, so don't be mad if you didn't get what you expected. If you want to get the exact same color, bleach your hair first beforehand.

What's so good about this dye is that it doesn't leave my hair dry. My hair is even smoother than before and also easier to style. 

And even though it only appears ash-y under certain lights, I can't say I hate the result.


Friday, 24 April 2015

Potatoo temporary tattoo review

Hello everyone! how've you been doing? 
Since it's been a looong holiday for me.. I decided to get a cool temporary tattoo from potatoo. 

Here's it! 
So cool right?!! >_< 
It applied nicely on my skin.. only need to wet the back and then wait for 30 sec.. after that voila!! you get the tattoo on your skin! 

How's it?? XD 
I also put some make up to match with the looks.. smokey eyes ;) 
hmm.. what do u guys think about this look on me? is change my "image" a bit?? LOL

I also colour my hair with a pink crazy hair hairspray to complete the look!!
I bought it at Bandung Beauty Expo for idr 25k!!! 

here.. take a closer look of my make up :3 

Well, I'm quite happy I bought this tattoo.. although a bit expensive (idr 20k) but I'm so satisfied with the quality!! 
Unfortunately, the tattoo only last for 2-3 days :( huhuu..
 I'm planning to get the real tattoo soon anyway.. 

yeaa.. that's all from me.. :3
stay tuned guys!! wait for another post!! 

Michiru :D 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

マルカワの🍭 (Marukawa Candies)

Okayy, this post is devoted for  somebody who asked me to post more about Japanese candy.. 
So, basically this Marukawa gum candies were pretty popular since I was a little kid and I always love chewing this gum because unlike any other "cheap" gum it doesn't leave my mouth feel sticky after making a baloon out of this gums!! 

It contains 4 packs of little gum balls with variety of flavour : Orange, grape, cola and soda. The other 3 are apple, yogurt and strawberry!! 
The flavour tastes so real and yummy.. it's not too sweet and rather has a sour flavour.. 

Look!! the packaging are soo Japanese and adorable!! LOL. 

yeaa.. It's an ultimate fun to make a balloon!! :o 

One thing for sure is.. I always.. always fell in love for Japanese sweets product even before I try it and it's mainly because of their cute packaging design.. >_< and It's also because Japanese sweets are soo good in quality.. So it's practically okay for me to spend more on Japanese products 

Do you guys love to chew bubble gum? Which one is your favourite?? A.aand have you try this gums before??

Comment below!!

Michiru <3

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Funtastic Hangout Day :3

Hello fellas!! how're you there? :) 

So.. about a few days ago, exactly on Monday, 31st March 2015 I went to Festival Citylink (Feslink) with some friends.. It's been a while since I hang out with them  and damn.. it was reaaaally fun :D 
We went to NAV karaoke, ate Kkuldak ( Korean honey chicken), and had a dessert bowl at デザート(dezaato). I was so happy since it's perhaps will be the last time I hang out with those lovely guys...
from left to right (clockwise) : Egin, Anna, Adela, me :3, Yoshinta, Adilla and Jilly. 
Karaoke-ing together.. 
My... Kkuldak is soo delicious and expensive :'D 
kriukks... nyammm... ;p 
heyy.. can u guest which one is me?? :3 *slapp x__x" ehehee..

I'm gonna really miss this moment.. 

chilling out at デザート
yumm!! here's it.. kumatella, kumatcha and matcha ice taro...

It's just... I'm soo addicted to Japanese matcha ice-cream and red bean!! super delicious.. 
One word : yummm!
They're all the reason that'll make me a little bit depressed over graduation :( 

I'll really have to step out from my comfort zone and then meet all new friends in a new university social life.. 

Selfies with Adela.. she's just like a sister to me :') warm and kindhearted.. 
pardon my eyebrows.. LOL!! 

Last picture.. a pic of Egin wearing a mini dress.. we( Jilly, Anna, Adela and me) played a little prank on her and dressed her up!! hahahha

Lots of love 

Michiru <3 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

3D Bomb Curl Brush

Remember the 3D curl brush that I've got from the expo? Well, when I was strolling around AYOU's store, the shop attendant recommended me this brush, she said it's going to give us bouncy curl (for long hair) or fluffy bob hairstyle (for short hair)

Well, I am always skeptical about brushes like this cause I think they're not so effective as curling irons but the staff give me a little demo about it and so I invested 140k of my money on this beauty tool hoping it would be useful in the future.

But actually, I don't need to wait that long to proof the usefulness of this bomb shaped brush. Few weeks ago I tried using it while drying my hair

My hair's a mess when it's wet and if I let it dry without doing anything to it, it'll have like uneven flicks at the end and it looks weirdly unappealing and it's uncomfortable going around with a hair like that -except at home lol.

I'm twisting the brush inward cause I don't want my hair to flick outward.

Don't mind the face lol. And bellow's the result.

Everything is so neat compared to the before picture. Can finally have bouncy bobs without needing to got to see a professional hair stylist (^◇^)

The brush size compared to my face size. The brush is not that big but their round shape make me confused as to where should I put this thing hahaha 

I tried using it again just two days ago and it gave me same result, even better.

Well, the bomb curl brush has become one of my bestfriend and I really can't wait to see how it works on longer hair.

Ps: didn't bother putting make up on cause I'm happy enough being in my own skin and cause I was being lazy.