Monday, 23 March 2015

Momiji : Bandung Beauty Expo Haul


As promised I'm going to post all of my haul  from last week's beauty expo here -minus the free bits though :/ since they're not really photogenic :(

So actually I had gone around the expo for about 2 times before actually stop and shop. First I went to Kay's and seeing that the prices are still expensive, I backed off from the store :p Imagine Dolly Winks are sold between IDR 175k ~ 250k while in Japan they only cost about JP¥ 900 ~ 1200. That's just plainly horrible for my pocket money.

Then I looked around and came upon this bustling make up store, just one block away from Kay's called AYOU which stands for Another YOU. And they're offering 50% off ALL ITEMS. That's like almost heaven for girls!

Of course I went on a quite big shopping spree. In total, I'd bought goods worth IDR 1,1 million. I summed all of the prices using my phone's calculator.

And I needed only pay half of the above

The store's not lying about the discount, the receipt's not lying and certainly the amount of pocket money left in my purse are still above IDR 250k (lower and I'd feel "not safe")

I even get to choose 2 free gifts after buying their goods. I get to choose between nail polishes and eyelashes. Since the eyelashes look so tacky and are certainly not my style, I've chosen to choose 2 sets of gradation nail polish. Haven't tried them on though :/

Well, enough with the blablabla, let's move on to the main topic. The most expensive thing that I've bought that day is the Bomb Curl Brush worth IDR 285k.

And move on to #2 is Beauty World's Eyelash Glue with flexible tip worth IDR 195k.

Number 3 is Musee Art Paper Lash 06 : Butterfly worth IDR 105k ONE pair.

Number 3 is Beauty World's Dream Girl Lashes no 985 and 987 worth IDR 175k each.

And finally number 6 Beauty World's DOT Artist no 683 worth IDR 89K.

Number 7 I have KAI beauty care Eyetape worth IDR 75k.

All of the prices mentioned above are BEFORE discount. Imagine how happy I am being able to get my hands on these things (@_@)(@_@)(@_@)

Also I went to forestsecret and got this cute pink lipstick as a sample.

More details about the lipstick and the products above will of course be published in one article each. I'm being dilligent here lol. But before all of that, I'm   going to post one review about certain nailpolish ;)


You have my word.



  1. I have that eyelashes no 987 since November last year but haven't tried it until now >_<