Sunday, 29 March 2015

Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish : Coral Red

Hello :D as promised yesterday, here is one review about a certain nail polish produced by Oriflame. Red has always been one of my favorite colors cause as it is so vibrant, it also makes me feel somewhat confident and powerful. Hahaha no seriously, no kidding here :)

So like usual, I ordered this nail polish from one of my friends who happens to be Oriflame's distributor. And I get the item a few weeks later. So practical, isn't it? No need to find an Oriflame shop or stand, just need to contact Michelle. LOL.

Anyway, so this nail polish is a tad different from the previous polishes that I've reviewed before. This one is . . hm . . how should I put it, DIFFERENT. Well, I don't know if it's just me being an amateur in the nail art industry or is the nail polish is really what it seems it is.

Here's my experience when using the nail polish

the first time
To be honest, I was so surprised that this polish actually dries super quick. I ended up having my nail's surface seems bumpy due to me panicking when I brush over the almost-dry polish on my nails. It was a disaster. And to top it off, this polish sure is really hard to clean.

Second time
Well, after sometimes, I've gotten more confident in my nail art ability [not that special, really, just applying one shade of color without getting bumpy surfaces] I finally mustered up my courage in applying this passionate shade again. And sure, after sometimes using the other dry-fast-polishes from Oriflame, I've become accustomed to its fast-drying nature.

Well you might think that this polish is basically the same as the spring collection ones but no. Using this shade, there's no need for you to apply 3 layers cause 2 or even 1 is red enough. I think it's due to the color though.

well, here are some pros and cons regarding this polish
1. Affordable price, good quality.
2. Dry faster than any other nail polish [I think every nail polish that Oriflame produces dry fast]
3. The vibrant beautiful red color which clashes with my skin color is super fabulous. I really feel like a boss upon gazing at my nails lol. Did I mention before that red makes me feel more in control?
4. It already gives your nails shiny gleams so don't really need a top coat
5. Last for a long time and is almost crack-free. The nail polish is like super thin and you can't even make it crack just by scratching on it.

1. For beginners or those who has no idea of the "dry-fast" quality that this polish has, it might seem like the polish dries too fast.
2. Really hard to clean the polish up. For real, I ended up having a pinkish red hand after using Aseton to clean my nails :( Took me about 2 days to finally get rid of the reddish shade.

In conclusion, I think this nail polish is suitable for those who are impatient in waiting polishes to dry but patient enough to wait for it to dry completely. Like I'd said in the previous post, don't apply this nail polish in a rush cause you don't want to end up with a nail disaster. not to mention, this particular one is really hard to clean.

Thank you


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