Sunday, 29 March 2015

Kabaya : Karipori Cola and Soda Stick Candies

Hallo, minna-san!!! it's been a long time :) 
Aa.. this time I'm gonna review a Japanese stick candy... 
The packaging is soo adorablee.. >_< 
Be careful for those who have a polyphenol allergic!!! this candies contain polyphenol!!

O..kaay.. let's open it!!
uuu.. here you areee...

it tastes sweet and soo.. sour and absolutely tastes like soda ( more like Japanese ramune「ラムネ」actually).. aand it leaves your mouth with a lingering sensation of coolness...
The cola one tastes super cola and I prefer the cola one rather than the soda.
j..just don't laugh okay.. it's my first time drawing my eyebrows >///< my mom keeps telling me that I looked like shinchan :(
huhuuyy.. :D
Definetely must try these candies!!! so crunchy and yummy.. the texture is just great and the taste is sweet, so soda and  coolish!!
:D ehee..

Okayy.. just tell me whether you've ever try these candies before... and if you haven't I suggest you to try, 'cause you won't ever regret it!! 
Japanese candies never make me disappointed though and I always can tell the goodness from the packaging even before I try it.. heheee 

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  1. I've never had these before, but they look delicious ~

  2. Sure they are :) especially the cola one..