Friday, 6 March 2015

Japanese Confectionary a.k.a わがし

Hello all!! :) 

Mmkayy.. this post ain't gonna about "beauty"-related things.. but, instead I'm going to talk.. blabbering things about my love for Japanese sweets also known as Wagashi
Unlike western confectionary which is heavy and thick, Japanese are soft and light :3 
For those who want to know more..
here you aree!! (be prepared to get your mouth watered!) 
1.) Strawberry Daifuku
Daifuku(大福) or also known as Daifukumochi literally means "great luck". This is one of the most common Japanese sweets, daifuku is actually just like mochi the texture is chewy and it's filled with sweet paste like anko or matcha paste :3 There're also other variations like Ichigo Daifuku in which it's filled with fresh strawberry!!

2.) Kakigouri
Shaved ice with syrup and milk :D it's the most common dessert for summer festival!! めっちゃ美味しいよ!(・Д・)ノ
3.) Green tea panacotta
Uh-uh who can resist this thing!!? >_< 
Panacotta is similiar like any other hot pudding, such as cremé caramel and cremé brulee.. it's literally a cooked cream though :D 
4.) Taiyaki
Japanese sweets are identic with anko( red bean paste) and this fish shaped pastry called taiyaki is filled with anko too. Sweet and delicate, really goes well with a cup of warm tea.
5.) Dango
There are so many types of dango.. the picture above is called "Hanami dango" which is traditionally being made and eaten at Sakura-vieweing season :D Dango is also related to mochi and it is often served with green tea! 
6.) Japanese jelly 
On the left is a picture of Sakura Jelly.. As from Japanese, food and especially dessert are not about the taste only.. it also consist the estethic of beauty in it. Japanese things and product are always intricate and breathtaking, the design is simply so beautyful and I love the fact that they also put it into their dessert too. 
7.) Dessert in a bowl ( similiar to anmitsu) 
These are consider as an asian dessert in a bowl and these things are a real trend in my country especially in my city, Bandung( the city of culinaire). It consists toppings such as mochi, jelly, ice cream, shaved ice, condensed milk, red bean, almond, etc and it's famous with the matcha ice-cream..yumm!!
8.) Nama chocolate
It becomes famous after Royce produce the chocolate.. So, basically Royce is a Japanese chocolate manufacturer who was founded in Sapporo, Hokkaidou :3
Nama chocolate tastes so soft, it melts gently in your tounge.. and it's pretty sweet 

So, have you ever tried one of those Japanese Confectionery?? tell me if you have, comment below! :D

Mei Michiru <3

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