Sunday, 29 March 2015

Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish : Coral Red

Hello :D as promised yesterday, here is one review about a certain nail polish produced by Oriflame. Red has always been one of my favorite colors cause as it is so vibrant, it also makes me feel somewhat confident and powerful. Hahaha no seriously, no kidding here :)

So like usual, I ordered this nail polish from one of my friends who happens to be Oriflame's distributor. And I get the item a few weeks later. So practical, isn't it? No need to find an Oriflame shop or stand, just need to contact Michelle. LOL.

Anyway, so this nail polish is a tad different from the previous polishes that I've reviewed before. This one is . . hm . . how should I put it, DIFFERENT. Well, I don't know if it's just me being an amateur in the nail art industry or is the nail polish is really what it seems it is.

Here's my experience when using the nail polish

the first time
To be honest, I was so surprised that this polish actually dries super quick. I ended up having my nail's surface seems bumpy due to me panicking when I brush over the almost-dry polish on my nails. It was a disaster. And to top it off, this polish sure is really hard to clean.

Second time
Well, after sometimes, I've gotten more confident in my nail art ability [not that special, really, just applying one shade of color without getting bumpy surfaces] I finally mustered up my courage in applying this passionate shade again. And sure, after sometimes using the other dry-fast-polishes from Oriflame, I've become accustomed to its fast-drying nature.

Well you might think that this polish is basically the same as the spring collection ones but no. Using this shade, there's no need for you to apply 3 layers cause 2 or even 1 is red enough. I think it's due to the color though.

well, here are some pros and cons regarding this polish
1. Affordable price, good quality.
2. Dry faster than any other nail polish [I think every nail polish that Oriflame produces dry fast]
3. The vibrant beautiful red color which clashes with my skin color is super fabulous. I really feel like a boss upon gazing at my nails lol. Did I mention before that red makes me feel more in control?
4. It already gives your nails shiny gleams so don't really need a top coat
5. Last for a long time and is almost crack-free. The nail polish is like super thin and you can't even make it crack just by scratching on it.

1. For beginners or those who has no idea of the "dry-fast" quality that this polish has, it might seem like the polish dries too fast.
2. Really hard to clean the polish up. For real, I ended up having a pinkish red hand after using Aseton to clean my nails :( Took me about 2 days to finally get rid of the reddish shade.

In conclusion, I think this nail polish is suitable for those who are impatient in waiting polishes to dry but patient enough to wait for it to dry completely. Like I'd said in the previous post, don't apply this nail polish in a rush cause you don't want to end up with a nail disaster. not to mention, this particular one is really hard to clean.

Thank you


Bandung Beauty Expo 2015

Hello all!! how are you?
Today I went to an annual event which was held in Bandung.. This is actually the. 2nd time it's held, but sadly last year I didn't come. So, this event was held on 5th-8th March :D (3 days only!) at BCC( Bandung Convention Center) I felt so glad that I came. Thanks to my papa who always read the newspaper >_< he found the ad and then brought me there!!

here.. I got my own name tag!! 
So, basically inside the place was full with cosmetic and beauty stands. The inside is pretty big but not as big as JCC.. 
When I first enter the place I've got to register first (it's free though)

and then.. when I was done I got my nametag aaaand a pink goodie bag full of brochures and some cosmetic( Mentholatum face loose powder, Hada Labo moisturizing milk and Placenta handbody lotion sample). So generous of them.. aaaa >_<" so freakin' happy I am ehehee.. 

The brochures are just too many there must be like about 20 of them.

But aside from the brochure overload, we've got tons of stuff with pretty good prices. For more details about the haul, you have to wait until the next post though :*

At the expo's entrance → look at those bags (°_°) 


Michiru & momiji

Kabaya : Karipori Cola and Soda Stick Candies

Hallo, minna-san!!! it's been a long time :) 
Aa.. this time I'm gonna review a Japanese stick candy... 
The packaging is soo adorablee.. >_< 
Be careful for those who have a polyphenol allergic!!! this candies contain polyphenol!!

O..kaay.. let's open it!!
uuu.. here you areee...

it tastes sweet and soo.. sour and absolutely tastes like soda ( more like Japanese ramune「ラムネ」actually).. aand it leaves your mouth with a lingering sensation of coolness...
The cola one tastes super cola and I prefer the cola one rather than the soda.
j..just don't laugh okay.. it's my first time drawing my eyebrows >///< my mom keeps telling me that I looked like shinchan :(
huhuuyy.. :D
Definetely must try these candies!!! so crunchy and yummy.. the texture is just great and the taste is sweet, so soda and  coolish!!
:D ehee..

Okayy.. just tell me whether you've ever try these candies before... and if you haven't I suggest you to try, 'cause you won't ever regret it!! 
Japanese candies never make me disappointed though and I always can tell the goodness from the packaging even before I try it.. heheee 

Comment below <3 


Monday, 23 March 2015

Momiji : Bandung Beauty Expo Haul


As promised I'm going to post all of my haul  from last week's beauty expo here -minus the free bits though :/ since they're not really photogenic :(

So actually I had gone around the expo for about 2 times before actually stop and shop. First I went to Kay's and seeing that the prices are still expensive, I backed off from the store :p Imagine Dolly Winks are sold between IDR 175k ~ 250k while in Japan they only cost about JP¥ 900 ~ 1200. That's just plainly horrible for my pocket money.

Then I looked around and came upon this bustling make up store, just one block away from Kay's called AYOU which stands for Another YOU. And they're offering 50% off ALL ITEMS. That's like almost heaven for girls!

Of course I went on a quite big shopping spree. In total, I'd bought goods worth IDR 1,1 million. I summed all of the prices using my phone's calculator.

And I needed only pay half of the above

The store's not lying about the discount, the receipt's not lying and certainly the amount of pocket money left in my purse are still above IDR 250k (lower and I'd feel "not safe")

I even get to choose 2 free gifts after buying their goods. I get to choose between nail polishes and eyelashes. Since the eyelashes look so tacky and are certainly not my style, I've chosen to choose 2 sets of gradation nail polish. Haven't tried them on though :/

Well, enough with the blablabla, let's move on to the main topic. The most expensive thing that I've bought that day is the Bomb Curl Brush worth IDR 285k.

And move on to #2 is Beauty World's Eyelash Glue with flexible tip worth IDR 195k.

Number 3 is Musee Art Paper Lash 06 : Butterfly worth IDR 105k ONE pair.

Number 3 is Beauty World's Dream Girl Lashes no 985 and 987 worth IDR 175k each.

And finally number 6 Beauty World's DOT Artist no 683 worth IDR 89K.

Number 7 I have KAI beauty care Eyetape worth IDR 75k.

All of the prices mentioned above are BEFORE discount. Imagine how happy I am being able to get my hands on these things (@_@)(@_@)(@_@)

Also I went to forestsecret and got this cute pink lipstick as a sample.

More details about the lipstick and the products above will of course be published in one article each. I'm being dilligent here lol. But before all of that, I'm   going to post one review about certain nailpolish ;)


You have my word.


Friday, 6 March 2015

Japanese Confectionary a.k.a わがし

Hello all!! :) 

Mmkayy.. this post ain't gonna about "beauty"-related things.. but, instead I'm going to talk.. blabbering things about my love for Japanese sweets also known as Wagashi
Unlike western confectionary which is heavy and thick, Japanese are soft and light :3 
For those who want to know more..
here you aree!! (be prepared to get your mouth watered!) 
1.) Strawberry Daifuku
Daifuku(大福) or also known as Daifukumochi literally means "great luck". This is one of the most common Japanese sweets, daifuku is actually just like mochi the texture is chewy and it's filled with sweet paste like anko or matcha paste :3 There're also other variations like Ichigo Daifuku in which it's filled with fresh strawberry!!

2.) Kakigouri
Shaved ice with syrup and milk :D it's the most common dessert for summer festival!! めっちゃ美味しいよ!(・Д・)ノ
3.) Green tea panacotta
Uh-uh who can resist this thing!!? >_< 
Panacotta is similiar like any other hot pudding, such as cremé caramel and cremé brulee.. it's literally a cooked cream though :D 
4.) Taiyaki
Japanese sweets are identic with anko( red bean paste) and this fish shaped pastry called taiyaki is filled with anko too. Sweet and delicate, really goes well with a cup of warm tea.
5.) Dango
There are so many types of dango.. the picture above is called "Hanami dango" which is traditionally being made and eaten at Sakura-vieweing season :D Dango is also related to mochi and it is often served with green tea! 
6.) Japanese jelly 
On the left is a picture of Sakura Jelly.. As from Japanese, food and especially dessert are not about the taste only.. it also consist the estethic of beauty in it. Japanese things and product are always intricate and breathtaking, the design is simply so beautyful and I love the fact that they also put it into their dessert too. 
7.) Dessert in a bowl ( similiar to anmitsu) 
These are consider as an asian dessert in a bowl and these things are a real trend in my country especially in my city, Bandung( the city of culinaire). It consists toppings such as mochi, jelly, ice cream, shaved ice, condensed milk, red bean, almond, etc and it's famous with the matcha ice-cream..yumm!!
8.) Nama chocolate
It becomes famous after Royce produce the chocolate.. So, basically Royce is a Japanese chocolate manufacturer who was founded in Sapporo, Hokkaidou :3
Nama chocolate tastes so soft, it melts gently in your tounge.. and it's pretty sweet 

So, have you ever tried one of those Japanese Confectionery?? tell me if you have, comment below! :D

Mei Michiru <3