Friday, 20 February 2015

Beauté Recipe-The bakery duo gloss- review

First of all.. I wanna say thank you for all of you guys!! We're now have reach 10k viewers!! THANK YOU!!! 
And so.., on this post I'm gonna review my new lip tint and lip gloss.. particularly, it's a duo gloss :D 
I bought it at my all the time favourite store.. Beauté Recipe
Here it is~
Cute packaging and yet so ellegant!! 
A quotes is written down on it.. 
"Love doesn't just stand there like a stone; it has to be made, like bread and cake, remade all the time, made new." 

Overall, the lip tint and lip gloss smell so freaking good.. and it has a sweet taste too :p 
The lip tint make my lips appear cutely and more red, more shiny and the lip gloss also give me a blink-blink effect and nourish my lips :3 It makes my lips soft all day long.. keep me away from chapped lips!!
I super love the product.. >__< 

Pros :
- Good smell!!
- Duo gloss ( soo.. advantageous) :D
- pretty packaging, easy to use
- Great natural colour

Cons : 
-A bit expensive!! around 192k fortunately I have their member card.. so it's 15% discount!! 

Have you guys tried the product yet?? 
Tell me.. comment below!!

Michiru <3 

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