Tuesday, 13 January 2015



So, I went  to this family restaurant called Oliver's last Saturday. I've been curious about this restaurant ever since I noticed its sign which is so cutely designed.

We arrived at 2.30 pm so there aren't many people around.

This is the cover of the menu book. Love the design hahaha, it looked as if it was taken out from otome games! so cute ♥︎

I ordered Oliver's Matcha shakes for drink

Cam-whoring with the matcha shake

It looks abit white-ish. It doesn't really tastes like matcha though :( so a bit disappointed in the drink.

For their  food, I love it, I ordered "Omurice Queen" it's a fried rice with salmon and scrambled egg :9

There are also other food like pasta and even Doria!

My cousin ordered Aglio Olio, it looks pretty good for me and it's not that spicy I suppose since my cousin could finish it all {she's not a big fan of spicy stuff}

And my meimei ordered Doria :o it looks supeer delicious (*_*) planning to try it next time I visit Oliver's!

Anyway the only thing that is a bit disturbing at Oliver's is the dead fish (゚o゚;;

So when we're back from the girl's room, we stumbled upon this little aquarium and when we look at it, bingo, a dead fish. 

The one that is upside down doesn't have a soul anymore :(

Hope they already took care of the fish's corpse by now.

BUT, never mind the dead fish, because Oliver's is overall a good family restaurant. The service is good and the atmosphere is perfect for families :) the food's a bit pricey though 

Suka Asih No.1 

I also got a voucher worth 100K!

NB : the store's already CLOSED by now. I just found out about it last week, 7th February 2015 and was abit dissapointed at the restaurant's being closed down :(


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