Sunday, 4 January 2015


First of all...
Happy new year 2015 guys!!! みんなーさん明けましておめでとうございます!*\(^o^)/* soo.. how did you spent your new year holidays? I spent them on a little family trip to Jogjakarta, Java.. it was only 3 days 2 nights though ;) but, yeah.. I was quite happy we went to all kind of nice places, went shopping, ate good delicacies, etc.. 
These past few months.. I actually felt so numb, many things had happened and all of them kinda change my life. Well, I truly feel sorry for Ruixiang whom I've had promised to update this blog and promote it.. cause I didn't and also for the readers of course.. It's just I didn't get any excitement or any mood left to write some posts.. so sorry.. urghh I feel so bad :( 
2014 has gave me so much sweet-bitter experiences in life.. I lost my dreams, my passions and determination.. and I couldn't be more surprised that within a year.. no, a month.. everything can change.. I always think that my life's, my future.. gotta be the way I planned it, but in the end the peoples around me also "intervere" with it.. haha... 
so yeah.. my list of resolutions in 2015 are :
-to be more acceptive with my life..
-more hard works
-more passionate
-more focus and determined
-to decide my own religion, I do want to know my God in a better way.. :)
-and.. lastly, I want to update this blog more often!!!! :3 

my first selfie in 2015.. I wish I can always smile like this throughout the whole year.. hahaha.. 

because.. I want to unleash those dreams as soon as possible!! so...
wish me tons of luck guys!! 

once again.. happy new year 2015 and may this year brings all of us blesses and happiness 


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