Wednesday, 21 January 2015

M&S Floral Collection -China Blue-

Hello everyone!! watcha doin'?  
I'm doing well and school have been super busy for this year.. as I'm going to be graduated on April as well, so..yeah.. I'm doing a lot of tasks and assignment for my final test and especially my practice exam.. there're a lot of scientific works I've been doing and other workloads as well.. haha it kinda makes me crazy and my head also hurts a lot :( 
Okay.. just got to the point.. on this post I'm gonna make a review about my new Mark and Spencer Floral Collection China Blue :3 it consists a set of shower cream, body powder and body lotion which I got them from my mom's friend ( actually it's her birthday gifts but she doesn't really like the smell of them so she gave it up to me.. yaayy!!) 
Great and ellegant packaging.. 

I've been using those for about 1 weeks and I really fall in love with the body lotion.. it smells reaaaally good even after for long hours!! 

Pros :
-Good smells.. perhaps some peops like my mom don't think the same though.. so good smells is subjective,ok!!?
-the body lotion have a long lasting effect on moisturizing my skin and so does it smell!! 
-the shower cream smells good and it leaves a refreshing + soothing effects after using it :3 
-the body powder also smells pretty good it makes my skin so soft.. 
-Great and ellegant packaging
-pretty expensive.. I've checked the price and it's around idr 300k *_* 
-the shower cream is pretty hard to clean when using.. it's sooo oily and it makes you think that you haven't clean your body properly yet.. and I don't really like this feeling.. hahahha

That's all I guess :) 
Comment below if you have try these products and share your opinion with us... 

Michiru :3 

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