Sunday, 25 January 2015

Diamond Lash ~ドーリー eye review

Halloo!! today I'm gonna review my new dolly eye lashes :3 
It's called Diamond Lash and it's also Japan no.1 eyelash brand as it says on the packaging :) 

Let's prove it!! 
hmm.. it's quite easy to use and so light.. it also makes my eyes appear bigger and dollier :p 
wow.. right!! :3 
umm.. do u guys have snapchat? add mee.. ok!? hahha 

It's super comfortable to wear too :9 

pros :
-There are 5 pairs of them hohoo.. 
-Easy to use
-Comfortable, light
-make your eyes appear bigger and dolly 
-super girlish 
cons :
- pretty expensive.. without discount it costs around idr 175k 

but.., overall I'm really satisfied with this product :) 

lastly..some selfies :3 

Thank you for reading..
stay tune!! 


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