Monday, 5 January 2015

Beauté Recipe ♥︎Bamboo Charcoal and Volcano Mud Clay Facial Mask


Have you ever tried a clay mask before? So last month I'd been pampering  myself with this cutely-packaged bamboo charcoal and volcano mud clay facial mask from Beauté Recipe ♥︎

You use this mask like how you normally use a normal facial mask. First, you need to wash your face and then you apply the mask.

The mask feels like butter that has been put inside the refrigerator for a long time.

You'll feel like covering  your face with butter, except the instead of yellow, it's grey.

Wait for about 15-20 minutes and then you can clean your face, wash that mask off of your face.

So basically, the difference between week to week is not really that significant in the picture above but it does maintain my skin's moistness during my time in the states. But on the contrary it also makes your skin less oily after usage for the next 24-36 hours.

So in the end, here are the pros and the cons of the product
1. Affordable, around Rp 185000,- or US$ 16 
2. Beautiful packaging and very hygienic because it has this plastic-paper cover after you open the lid.
3. The fabulous  short-term effect that you get after removing the mask is you feel like your skin is super soft to the touch and it won't be oily for the next hours.
4. Keep your skin moist but reduce excess oil at the sane tine. If only it can reduce excess fat lol.

1. Quite hard to clean the mask off

Well, you can get this mask in any Beauté Recipe store (only available in Thailand, Indonesia and Japan) for only US$16.

I love the product and the way you feel after using it was just awesome, it's almost like your cheeks turned into marshmallows!

Well, see you soon in the next article! 



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