Sunday, 4 January 2015

2014 preview

Hello! So I decided to look back and see the achievements that I've collected through 2014 :D for me personally, 2014 is a somewhat evolutionary year because I've learnt many things, I went through lots of stuff and I can say that I've made some developments here and there in some aspects of my life.

I just got back from my first US trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I also became accustomed to wearing  falsies during this time :9

I actually had a guy-bestfriend for the first time in my life and I also celebrated Chinese New Year in my hometown. This is the first time I use someone's secret to protect myself against that someone. I feel somewhat evil lol. 

Nothing really happens this month. Except I think I'd gone too far in being a friend that people started to misunderstood my actions and my words. Planning to make a blog with Michiru.

On April 7 this blog is finally open for everyone to read. I found blogging enjoyable and it's a good way to express myself and share my story to everyone. Also first time someone actually confessed his feelings for me.

Michiru turned 17 and the blog's viewer had raised. I was delighted. I posted 7 or more eyelash reviews in one whole week during my final exams wow.

Finished 11th grade happily. Travelled to Hawaii at the end of the month and participated in IBB Make Up Challenge for the first time. I also pierced my ears and bought my first pair of earings.

Got back from Hawaii, blog's readership raised so much this month because of the Hawaii-related articles that I posted this month.

Blog's readership going down a little, posted  my first lipstick review.

Got my first sponsorship item to be reviewed from IASO. It's a lip crayon. Click here to read the article.

Found my dream language school and performed this Balinese dance with my classmates. And managed to take picture with the school's bad boy.

I turned 18 and got my hands on a make up box for the first time. Realised that I had amazing friends that's almost like a sister to me. Haven't got the chance to treat them with food though :(

Went to the states for the 3rd time this year. Haven't even seen my report card from school yet. Met my chinese-indonesian-american cousins again and we went to national parks and celebrate Christmas together. Could say I had a blast :)

Well all in all, 2014 is an amazing year. I gained tons of new experiences, I get to explore and do things that I thought were impossible. I feel like every year, I build my confidence up and up and up that now I even found myself making conversations with strangers. When I was in elementary school, I never would have think about piercing my ears. Now I have four piercings lol. 

Anyway, even though it's late, I still want to say "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" 

Let's hope that 2015 will bring excitements to our lives (^◇^)



  1. Might wanna check out the article a bit; I saw no hyperlink for the IASO lip crayon thing.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

  2. iya belum di hyperlink-in pake komputer, pake hp gabisa soalnya. hahaha ciee perhatian, thanks commentnya :D