Sunday, 25 January 2015

Diamond Lash ~ドーリー eye review

Halloo!! today I'm gonna review my new dolly eye lashes :3 
It's called Diamond Lash and it's also Japan no.1 eyelash brand as it says on the packaging :) 

Let's prove it!! 
hmm.. it's quite easy to use and so light.. it also makes my eyes appear bigger and dollier :p 
wow.. right!! :3 
umm.. do u guys have snapchat? add mee.. ok!? hahha 

It's super comfortable to wear too :9 

pros :
-There are 5 pairs of them hohoo.. 
-Easy to use
-Comfortable, light
-make your eyes appear bigger and dolly 
-super girlish 
cons :
- pretty expensive.. without discount it costs around idr 175k 

but.., overall I'm really satisfied with this product :) 

lastly..some selfies :3 

Thank you for reading..
stay tune!! 


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Oriflame veryme :: Spring Tenderness /Optimistic Orange/

Hello! I'm back with another nail polish review :)

Oriflame has been one of my favourite nail polish brand because of its affordable price and good quality. So straight to the review, like the other veryme spring tenderness collection, Eternal Pink, you have to brush your nails at least three times to get a solid result of the color. 

First brush, it's too transparent for me

Second brush, better but still uneven.

Third brush, perfect! I applied this polish while I was inside the car hahaha so I was surprised at the neat result ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

My tips, while applying the nail polish, brush your nails slowly. No need to rush. Even though Oriflame's nail polishes dry really fast, just chill. Keep your calm while applying the polishes. Trust me, you'll get better results like I did. 

-cute shade
-shiny, glossy effects on polished nails. My aunt once thought that I was using a top coat for my nails even though I wasn't.
-affordable price
-cute packaging

-dry fast → not good for those who cannot stay still while applying the polish.

Okay, last but not least, thank you for reading, for following the blog since April, 2014. We appreciate your visits and the 9k hits on our blog is a surprise for us, thank you! 

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

M&S Floral Collection -China Blue-

Hello everyone!! watcha doin'?  
I'm doing well and school have been super busy for this year.. as I'm going to be graduated on April as well, so..yeah.. I'm doing a lot of tasks and assignment for my final test and especially my practice exam.. there're a lot of scientific works I've been doing and other workloads as well.. haha it kinda makes me crazy and my head also hurts a lot :( 
Okay.. just got to the point.. on this post I'm gonna make a review about my new Mark and Spencer Floral Collection China Blue :3 it consists a set of shower cream, body powder and body lotion which I got them from my mom's friend ( actually it's her birthday gifts but she doesn't really like the smell of them so she gave it up to me.. yaayy!!) 
Great and ellegant packaging.. 

I've been using those for about 1 weeks and I really fall in love with the body lotion.. it smells reaaaally good even after for long hours!! 

Pros :
-Good smells.. perhaps some peops like my mom don't think the same though.. so good smells is subjective,ok!!?
-the body lotion have a long lasting effect on moisturizing my skin and so does it smell!! 
-the shower cream smells good and it leaves a refreshing + soothing effects after using it :3 
-the body powder also smells pretty good it makes my skin so soft.. 
-Great and ellegant packaging
-pretty expensive.. I've checked the price and it's around idr 300k *_* 
-the shower cream is pretty hard to clean when using.. it's sooo oily and it makes you think that you haven't clean your body properly yet.. and I don't really like this feeling.. hahahha

That's all I guess :) 
Comment below if you have try these products and share your opinion with us... 

Michiru :3 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015



So, I went  to this family restaurant called Oliver's last Saturday. I've been curious about this restaurant ever since I noticed its sign which is so cutely designed.

We arrived at 2.30 pm so there aren't many people around.

This is the cover of the menu book. Love the design hahaha, it looked as if it was taken out from otome games! so cute ♥︎

I ordered Oliver's Matcha shakes for drink

Cam-whoring with the matcha shake

It looks abit white-ish. It doesn't really tastes like matcha though :( so a bit disappointed in the drink.

For their  food, I love it, I ordered "Omurice Queen" it's a fried rice with salmon and scrambled egg :9

There are also other food like pasta and even Doria!

My cousin ordered Aglio Olio, it looks pretty good for me and it's not that spicy I suppose since my cousin could finish it all {she's not a big fan of spicy stuff}

And my meimei ordered Doria :o it looks supeer delicious (*_*) planning to try it next time I visit Oliver's!

Anyway the only thing that is a bit disturbing at Oliver's is the dead fish (゚o゚;;

So when we're back from the girl's room, we stumbled upon this little aquarium and when we look at it, bingo, a dead fish. 

The one that is upside down doesn't have a soul anymore :(

Hope they already took care of the fish's corpse by now.

BUT, never mind the dead fish, because Oliver's is overall a good family restaurant. The service is good and the atmosphere is perfect for families :) the food's a bit pricey though 

Suka Asih No.1 

I also got a voucher worth 100K!

NB : the store's already CLOSED by now. I just found out about it last week, 7th February 2015 and was abit dissapointed at the restaurant's being closed down :(


Monday, 5 January 2015

Beauté Recipe ♥︎Bamboo Charcoal and Volcano Mud Clay Facial Mask


Have you ever tried a clay mask before? So last month I'd been pampering  myself with this cutely-packaged bamboo charcoal and volcano mud clay facial mask from Beauté Recipe ♥︎

You use this mask like how you normally use a normal facial mask. First, you need to wash your face and then you apply the mask.

The mask feels like butter that has been put inside the refrigerator for a long time.

You'll feel like covering  your face with butter, except the instead of yellow, it's grey.

Wait for about 15-20 minutes and then you can clean your face, wash that mask off of your face.

So basically, the difference between week to week is not really that significant in the picture above but it does maintain my skin's moistness during my time in the states. But on the contrary it also makes your skin less oily after usage for the next 24-36 hours.

So in the end, here are the pros and the cons of the product
1. Affordable, around Rp 185000,- or US$ 16 
2. Beautiful packaging and very hygienic because it has this plastic-paper cover after you open the lid.
3. The fabulous  short-term effect that you get after removing the mask is you feel like your skin is super soft to the touch and it won't be oily for the next hours.
4. Keep your skin moist but reduce excess oil at the sane tine. If only it can reduce excess fat lol.

1. Quite hard to clean the mask off

Well, you can get this mask in any Beauté Recipe store (only available in Thailand, Indonesia and Japan) for only US$16.

I love the product and the way you feel after using it was just awesome, it's almost like your cheeks turned into marshmallows!

Well, see you soon in the next article! 



Sunday, 4 January 2015


First of all...
Happy new year 2015 guys!!! みんなーさん明けましておめでとうございます!*\(^o^)/* soo.. how did you spent your new year holidays? I spent them on a little family trip to Jogjakarta, Java.. it was only 3 days 2 nights though ;) but, yeah.. I was quite happy we went to all kind of nice places, went shopping, ate good delicacies, etc.. 
These past few months.. I actually felt so numb, many things had happened and all of them kinda change my life. Well, I truly feel sorry for Ruixiang whom I've had promised to update this blog and promote it.. cause I didn't and also for the readers of course.. It's just I didn't get any excitement or any mood left to write some posts.. so sorry.. urghh I feel so bad :( 
2014 has gave me so much sweet-bitter experiences in life.. I lost my dreams, my passions and determination.. and I couldn't be more surprised that within a year.. no, a month.. everything can change.. I always think that my life's, my future.. gotta be the way I planned it, but in the end the peoples around me also "intervere" with it.. haha... 
so yeah.. my list of resolutions in 2015 are :
-to be more acceptive with my life..
-more hard works
-more passionate
-more focus and determined
-to decide my own religion, I do want to know my God in a better way.. :)
-and.. lastly, I want to update this blog more often!!!! :3 

my first selfie in 2015.. I wish I can always smile like this throughout the whole year.. hahaha.. 

because.. I want to unleash those dreams as soon as possible!! so...
wish me tons of luck guys!! 

once again.. happy new year 2015 and may this year brings all of us blesses and happiness 


2014 preview

Hello! So I decided to look back and see the achievements that I've collected through 2014 :D for me personally, 2014 is a somewhat evolutionary year because I've learnt many things, I went through lots of stuff and I can say that I've made some developments here and there in some aspects of my life.

I just got back from my first US trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I also became accustomed to wearing  falsies during this time :9

I actually had a guy-bestfriend for the first time in my life and I also celebrated Chinese New Year in my hometown. This is the first time I use someone's secret to protect myself against that someone. I feel somewhat evil lol. 

Nothing really happens this month. Except I think I'd gone too far in being a friend that people started to misunderstood my actions and my words. Planning to make a blog with Michiru.

On April 7 this blog is finally open for everyone to read. I found blogging enjoyable and it's a good way to express myself and share my story to everyone. Also first time someone actually confessed his feelings for me.

Michiru turned 17 and the blog's viewer had raised. I was delighted. I posted 7 or more eyelash reviews in one whole week during my final exams wow.

Finished 11th grade happily. Travelled to Hawaii at the end of the month and participated in IBB Make Up Challenge for the first time. I also pierced my ears and bought my first pair of earings.

Got back from Hawaii, blog's readership raised so much this month because of the Hawaii-related articles that I posted this month.

Blog's readership going down a little, posted  my first lipstick review.

Got my first sponsorship item to be reviewed from IASO. It's a lip crayon. Click here to read the article.

Found my dream language school and performed this Balinese dance with my classmates. And managed to take picture with the school's bad boy.

I turned 18 and got my hands on a make up box for the first time. Realised that I had amazing friends that's almost like a sister to me. Haven't got the chance to treat them with food though :(

Went to the states for the 3rd time this year. Haven't even seen my report card from school yet. Met my chinese-indonesian-american cousins again and we went to national parks and celebrate Christmas together. Could say I had a blast :)

Well all in all, 2014 is an amazing year. I gained tons of new experiences, I get to explore and do things that I thought were impossible. I feel like every year, I build my confidence up and up and up that now I even found myself making conversations with strangers. When I was in elementary school, I never would have think about piercing my ears. Now I have four piercings lol. 

Anyway, even though it's late, I still want to say "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" 

Let's hope that 2015 will bring excitements to our lives (^◇^)