Monday, 28 December 2015

Michiru's Holiday Haul <3

Hello dearest everyone!!! it's been a while, sorry for the long waits >_<
today I'll post about my holiday haul ( christmas + new year!!) 

The best thing about the end of year is... there're always a LOT of discount.. sales everywhere XD haha.. 

So, here're some stuffs I got : 

1.) Masami Shouko make up box
I've been wanting this thing for quite a long time.. hmm, I finally get one though!! 
Great design, so portable and elegantly cute.. 
couldn't be happier >__< this is a new product and I got a 30% disc.. so the price is around idr 700k from idr 1m 
>___< now I don't have to worry about my messy make up anymore, it's all tidied up.. and I can always bring my make up everywhen and everywhere I want to!! 

2.) New shoes from prettyFIT 

Pardon my feet.. .__." It's super duper comfy though.. the most comfortable wedge heels I've ever wear..

3.) A set of new O.P.I nail polish+ nail remover
My mom just surprised me today.. she brought me my favourite brand of nail polish ever!!! XD *I'll make an article about it on the next post 'kay?! 

Thank you for reading.. stay tune for the next post..
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2016 !! 
Enjoy your holidaaayy! :*


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Elona Fusilli and Penne

Hello guysss!! 
sorry for not being active... >_<" 
so, about a few weeks ago I bought myself a new automatic 2 in one straighter and curler called Fusilli and Penne from the brand Elona.. It's basically a product with Japanese technology ;) and u guys know that I'm a  forever fan of Japan 🇯🇵 
Anywayy.. it's not just about the Japanese technology or what.. but this product is surely awesome! with those 2 in 1 function, automatic rotation and of course titanium coating barrel that won't make me hesitate to choose this product! 
I mean.. it's really easy and simple to use it.. and I will give the rating 4/5 :D
too bad it's not that portable :( because of its long size and power cord.. and it's pretty heavy too! 
cutest packaging eveerrr!!!! with a short story in it.. ahahha 
easy to use.. but be careful not to touch the titanium.. it's reaaaally hot.. >_< 
for a closer look..
You can set the temperature and even the speed of the rotation :) 
Look! :p really easy to useee.. 

final result!! haha :D
it last for 2-3 days!! 

Overall, I'm so happy with Elona エロナ and since I bought it in a promotion booth.. I only have to pay idr 800k and I also got a bonus!!
guess what?!... A COMB!! haha.. a real cute one though.. 
Aah.. I really enjoy  using this comb to brush my messy hair :3 

Feel free to comment below!! 

Michiru :* 

Monday, 9 November 2015

Eyelash Extension at Lash Doll Japan


Sorry not sorry for not posting so long. So as you can see, now I'm living in Osaka, Japan, away from everyone in Bandung. Found amazing new friends here though :)

So, last Sunday, I gave myself an early birthday present, something I have always wanted to try ever since I heard about it *drumrolls* EYELASH EXTENSIONS!! 

Eyelash extensions in Indo is expensive for me, around IDR 600k. In Japan it's ¥4000 (+/- IDR 480k). You get 80 new lashes.

You can choose between 3 types of style ( I'm using the general terms on the internet cos when I came everything is in Japanese and I was like (・_・; ):

1. Dolly Eyes

This style make you have bigger eyes and rounder one cos the longest lash would be put in the middle part of the lash line. 

2. Sexy Eyes

Basically will lengthen your eyes abit cos they have the longest lash put in the outer corner of your eyelash line.

3. Gorgeous Eyes

Naturally even and thick, following your natural eyelash shape and setting just thicker and longer.

Bellow is the before after picture. I didn't take much cos I'm sort of in a rush that day. But aside from the good result, I can  tell you that during the treatment I was sleeping cos the bed they use and the ambience are so so so good.

Does it hurt? No

The only (-) thing about having eyelash extensions aside from getting pissed off everytime a ¥50 worth of lashes fell out is :: you cannot rub your eyes freely.

Overall I'm happy with the result even though I am tokidoki pissed when one of the lashes fell out, like super pissed. 

I've been told that the extension lasts 2-3 weeks, but for some lucky girls it can last upto 2 months. Ofc, I want to be part of the "lucky girls" lol. 

NOTE : Need to make an appointment for having your lashes extended. Please come at least a day before :)

Having eyelash extension or まつげエクステ is very very convenience in my opinion cos it saves you 3-5 minutes of applying make up : mascara + eyelash curler + false eyelashes → no need. And you get to wake up pretty everyday. 

My morning face now without any make up on, no edit also. Now I only need to focus on my eyebrows every morning.

Ok see you on my next post :) 



Saturday, 7 November 2015

Broken Beyond Repair

Our lifespan is limited with a number of heartbeats and I'd rather laugh for absolutely no reason than to cry for a worthless person...

Everytime I got my heart broke, I always think like this : for every tears I shed I'll only feel emptier.. Emptiness is always be my reason to hold back the tears and fight it with a smile and laughter. With smile and laugh, you can do many incredible things, it makes you feel easier and so does your environment. 

And so... there's this point in my life in which I got so frustated. Everyday in my life I cried, cried and cried.. Often asking to myself why on earth did I born for? 
Honestly, until now I still have the same question in my head.. I never really feel fulfilled inside, there're always parts of me  which's gone and my heart never ever once feel content. 
After some times.. I realise that I've got to be stronger at some point.. I musn't cry anymore and I promise that to myself. 
All forms of life are sufferings.. that's what the Buddha said and that's also what I think. Life damages all of us and no one can ever escapes it.. Someday, even if there's only 1 single person who can truly understand my true self.. I'll consider it as a miracle :) because losing a person who recognise you in this world is the same as losing your value of existence.. and I won't let that happen ever again....

Thursday, 24 September 2015

We called it a day :)

Hello everyone!! yesterday (24 Sept 2015) I had so muuch fun XD with モミジ and Picco (モミジのかれし).. We had our breakfast at Tokyo connection :p 
Momiji and Picco had gyudon (beefbowls), meanwhile I had salmon onigiri and lady sakura (beer with syrup, cocktails, etc). 
beef bowl
Onigiri :D yumm
Lady Sakura 🌸

At first, on my way to our meeting point.. mom and I are kinda arguing because of some problems.. that I couldn't really share here.. it ended up with my messed up mood, mental breakdown and me crying :( I was really embrassed with both of them.. I mean that day supposed to be my last encounter/ hang out with Momiji in Bandung and I ought to make it memorable for her.. But, the situation ended up differently for me... 
my actual appareance on that day
I was so excited to see her >_< 
I'm sorry that I ruin your lovely morning by showing my teary face to both of you!

But, anyway.. you always cheer me up and make me smile again.. and forget all of my problems and dilema :D 
and moreover.. you're always capable on making me smile this big :D.. Turning my gloomy face into a warm big smile 
I couldn't be more happier and thankful to have a bff like you >_< argghh.. 
 happy.. I'm so happy to meet you, to see you, to talk to you, to eat with you.. It's such a blessing!!
>__< haha
Gyaaah.. they're so lovey doveyy!! XD haha.. 


Next time... when I get myself a proper boyfie, we'll definitely do a double date okayy!!? haha.. 

Michiru :o 

[ 1 + 1 = 1 ] ♥︎

Hello :)

Today I am the happiest girl on earth!!

We had breakfast in Tokyo Connection and spent hours talking and oooh Lol. I always enjoy talking to her :D she's the sweetest girl ever existed ! Can't wait to be all excited talking about the future again via skype!

2. Food frenzy today : TC's beef bowl set, 5 plates of sushi, 1 nama matcha ice cream, 1 piece of corn ice cream, popcorn (medium), half portion of Yoshinoya original beef bowl (L) + egg mayo and chicken katsu and dumpling! (Picco accompany me on my food rampage LOL #shameless)

3. Picco finally asked me to be his girlfriend! So now I am officially his and he is officially mine ♡ OMG I'm so happy!! 

It's already been 4 months knowing Picco and never a day do I regret talking to him :) and it's already passed the 3 months time requirement to see whether you love the guy or just friendly like, I suppose you've known the answer already since I said yes to his question ♡

I don't know how to describe my feelings right now other than saying I'm happy, excited, glad, hyped, joyful, happy, in love, repeat ♡

Okk, I just finished writing in our 1+1=1 book (the small one), spent 3 hours, and I'm tired soo goodnight :)

Sorry, no pics, those are either in Mei's phone or Picco's phone (^ν^)



Saturday, 12 September 2015


お久しぶり!みんなーさんはお元気ですか?(^∇^)今日はAldiーさんとRanaーさんとコロにでランチをした。Today I had a lunch with my friends, Aldi and Rana at Koloni (Colony) >__< 
Aldi's food
Rana's XD
Mineeee.. サルモンどんぶりだ!ww めっちゃ美味しかったよ!
Aldi.. please watch your hand!! :D 
Full tummy happy face :D
with Rana again またRanaーさんと。。
Lastly.. me and Rana had our ice cream >_< mine's greentea and Rana's cookie!! hahaa.. 
This is probably a super duper lazy post! haha.. with less words and lot of photos! 
Definetely can't wait for out next meeting and lunch >_<