Sunday, 7 December 2014

Special Birthday Haul from Hilly ♥︎

Today, during school break, Hilly, the sweetest lovely I've ever met gave me another-late-birthday gift!

I was really surprised since she already gave me so much : make up case and a gift of a friend ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ and most importantly her words and jokes really lighten my day!

But when I opened the present, I understand the meaning of the gift lol. 
So one time, last week, she asked me if I have any phone cases besides the one that I'm using right now. 

I was kind of surprised as to why she asked this kind of thing out of the blue, hahaha, then I replied "yes, I have the other cases, I'm just too lazy to change it into them"

Then today, she gave me a black phone case with some flower paintings on it and a sweet little message saying 'it's not much but I give it from the bottom of my heart' \(//∇//)\ 

Man that was super surprising and it definitely swooned my ♡ 

Looking back, our relationship was a bit rocky but then we managed to get through the rocky part and I'm glad we're past that. 

I really feel bad for doubting you and stuff back then :( and I don't know how to make it up to you but I'm super grateful that finally we're finally on the same path, same side. 

Thanks again for the phone case and I don't care about the price and stuff because what matters most is keikhlasannya lol

And thanks for writing the message on post it! Now they're sticking near my desk, really convenient that I don't need to find tape (^∇^)

And again thank you and I'm super grateful for having you as a best friend and I'm glad that it's you whom I get to spend my final year in high school with :D 

One final word : you rock as a class pres!

PS : I envy the way you do your brows!



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