Friday, 5 December 2014

Saint Seiya : Legend of Sanctuary


So today I went to a local mall and watch Saint Seiya : Legend of Sanctuary (・ω・)ノ

This is my first time watching a Japanese movie in a cinema. I usually watch them at home :) 

So let's get through the storyline. Honestly, I'm not so happy with the story line orz. To me the story line itself is too predictable.

The main man protagonist has this incredible power of "being more powerful each time he got blasted by the enemy" and he managed to save the day even though there are like others who are wayyy more powerful than him. That's the perk of being a protagonist I guess. The chances of him being in the spotlight are so high.

And there's this woman who's supposed to be Athena, she sure is pretty but she's a real idiot during the first half of the story. But at least she got smarter in the end.  

The other characters were bunch of bishies (bishōnens aka pretty boys) . The main antagonist is super handsome lol. It's too bad he became evil and die in the end boohoo :(

So the artwork is good, I'll give it two thumbs up but the men's jaws are too girly (´・_・`) they still are handsome though ε-(´∀`; )

Well, the moral of the story is good (^O^)and I like the movie :D

Those saints need to be more buff tho!!


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