Monday, 15 December 2014

Perfect Skin in 9 Simple Steps


No one wants acnes on their faces and no one wants bumpy cheecks either so there are some tips bellow that will actually help you to get a beautiful, soft and smooth and flawless skin (・ω・)ノ

My first beauty tip for all of you that is actually super common but is super helpful and sadly they're often forgotten (´・Д・)」

1. Know your skin type. Your skin will be either sensitive, dry, oily, or combination or if you're lucky, normal. Once you know and understand your skin type, you'll know which beauty product or treatment that'll work wonders on your skin. 

2. Be clean. Don't be lazy to take baths and wash your face. Take a bath twice a day and wash your face after you wake up and before sleeping. I wash my face 3 times though. Well it's up to you just don't wash it too often and sleep with your make up still on.

3. Use products accordingly. Never use products that are made specifically for your body on your face. Like for example you use a body soap to wash your face, that's a crime towards your skin!

4. Keep your skin moist. Use moisturizer and lotion to prevent your skin from 'cracking' 

5. Be careful of the sun! Avoid sun rays starting from 11 am until 3 pm. Use sunblocks or products with SPF 15 or over. I get sunburns everytime I have PE class and it's not even 11 yet!

Sunburn on my nose, cheeks, above lips and chin :( ↓

6. Extra attention on neck and eyes area because the skin over there are thinner than the other parts of our body.

7. Don't forget your hands and your feet. Use lotion to keep them moist. If you want to wake up to a smooth and soft skin use lotion before sleeping :)
8. Drink lots of mineral water, no soft drinks. Water help adjust your body temperature and they help delivering nutritions to every single part of your body.

9. Never touch your acnes /pimples /zits! That will end up in a horrible disastrous result. Best way to clear annoying acnes are by eating healthily, keep your face clean and use acne cream or treatment. 

Bad example ↓ this happened after I aggressively tried to get the white thingy out of my skin,  accidentally tore my skin with my nails. This picture bellow is after 1 day treatment of propolis :} 

Well, there's actually more but above are the basic ones that you'll need and you'll success just by doing these basic steps. 

In my opinion, facials and other expensive stuffs are not really necessary unless your breakout is super horrible and it's all over on your face/neck/other location. But I've seen people in reality that actually do facial regularly still have so many acnes popping here and there. That's I think is a big waste of money and maybe the tools they're using aren't clean or maybe he/she's not eating healthy, clean and hygienic food, so in the end it all depends on us. 

Thanks for reading, have a good day and good luck!


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