Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Oriflame veryme :: Spring Tenderness /Eternal Pink/

Hello readers!

I've got myself some nail polishes from Oriflame and the colours are so soft, cute and girly. 

Well, it's the Spring Tenderness collection from veryme, Oriflame (⌒▽⌒)

Beautiful flower designs on the bottle ↓

Anyway, even though these shades are made to be used in spring, I'm going to use one of them this winter and that's the eternal pink shade :)

I use this shade to add some colours to my monotonic winter outfit which are mainly in black, dark grey and white.

I apply like average three layers of the polish to get the colour I desire.

First layer

It's a bit transparent so it's obvious I need to apply more.

Second layer

It's better but still uneven. Here's the thing with oriflame's nail polishes, they dry fast and while it's a good thing, it's also a bad thing because then you need to apply it fast and if you apply it a bit slower, you'll get uneven/ bumpy nails as a result and that's not cool. 

Third layer

It's fine I suppose for an amateur like me. The third layer are mainly for filling transparent spaces or blotches.

Here are the pros and cons so far

1. Affordable, around 40k (rupiah) or about 4US$ 
2. Very girly colour, perfect for someone who wants to look like a princess lol
3. Dry fast, you don't have to wait so long for the polish to dry.
4. Cute packaging

1. Dry fast, as I mentioned before it can also be a bad thing because then you'll get uneven surface on your nails as a result because the polish already half  dried up and you try to fix them, boom, bumpy surfaces!
2. No other cons beside that ↑

So thanks for reading, I hope everyone will have a pleasant holiday, here are the other shades (orange and tender green) and the other haul from oriflame, nail art dotting tool :) 


♥︎ momiji

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