Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Maybelline COLORSHOW : Crayon Kôhl /Orange/


So today's review is about Maybelline's COLORSHOW Crayon Kôhl in Orange colour.

Here are some pictures of the product

Oops it's so fragile so you better be careful when using it (._.)

At first I was sort of nervous because I'm not sure what should I do to my face using this colour but then I tried applying it under my eyes and I think it looks good.

The orange colour makes my eyes pop and it makes the whole look fresher I think.

So overall, I think the product is good but too fragile.

1. Cute colour
2. Easy to use
3. Simple packaging 
4. Inexpensive
5. Not easy to erase

1. Too fragile

Anyway here are some photos of me wearing the product

Without drawing my brows I look really weird ↓

Much better but I look like someone else 

As you can see I also use the SONUDE lipstick from the previous reviews. 

I think I need to practise drawing eyebrows more :( 

Last but not least, my favourite picture and my first attempt in "winking in front of a camera" that is actually successful ↓

Anyway, thanks for reading, sorry for the selfie-spamming (⌒▽⌒) it's been a while since I get good selfies you know lol.

Stay tunned for the next upcoming posts!  



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