Friday, 12 December 2014

Etude Collagen Moistful Skin Care Kit

Hello minna-san!!
 These days I've been using some skin care products from etude.. it's called collagen moistful skin care kit.. I got it free from etude house with a lip tint I bought months ago :D 
umm.. here's the packaging..
It consists :
Facial freshner (toner), emulsion, essence and cream :D
This skin care kit ingredients containts Baobab tree extract and Collagen.. which is super good for our skin face!! It naturally makes my skin looks much more healthier and fresh.. and it's also hydrating for my dry skin face

so.. here's some conclusions of the usage functions to make it simple! 

Toner : use it after washing your face and before you go to sleep :D it helps your skin to get more fresh and balance its ph.. and also clean your skin thoroughly! make your skin pores smaller 
Emulsion : especially made for oily skin!! this emulsion is the solution for oily skin to get collagen.. :D this also helps to make our skin pores smaller with a healthier skin, elastic and softer.. 
Essence : Anti-aging, small pores and it helps to deflated acnes! 
Cream : Moisturizing and also lifts skin.. it helps to reduce frown lines! (anti-aging) 

Aaah such a great product, right?! It has sooo many functions 
and it helps to make our skin looks healthier and of course more beautyful!! :D

Have you tried the product?? 
Tell me if you have.. I wanna hear.. :p

Mei Michiru :* 

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