Monday, 1 December 2014

Birthday Haul<s>


After more than 1 month of hiatus, I'm back!!

So on November 20, I turned 18. I feel old compared to my friends who are still in their 17s! I have a splendid year even though there are some dramas occurred but regardless, I've learnt my lesson and I was given these awesome presents <3

ミチルちゃん gave me one package consist of a body wash, body lotion, body butter and scrub from Beauté Recipe ♥︎ (Will post a review about it soon)

Mom gave me two round super cute + fat little mouses ♥︎

I was given Masami Shouko's make up box by my lovelies : Leni, Hilly, Michelle, Tara, Elvina, CK, Natasha, Dimas, Ryan, Picco, Devina, Becca, Ardi, Kevin, Alicia, Jesisca, and Febi ♥︎ along with their sweet wishes :*

I bought myself a Blue 3DS XL and PersonaQ : Shadow of the Labyrinth Deluxe Edition, using the money from my birthday saving lol.

The Alpha Sapphire was bought by Dad since me and my sister didn't have enough money :/ →Will make a mini review about it :3 ー even though this is meant to be a beauty blog, it's okay to post something a little off topic sometimes right? Lol :p 

And finally, I get a permission to go to Muay Thai classes :D

Now for all of my family and friends who has wished me happy birthday and given me presents, I can't thank you enough! It's like a single thank you is not enough (^◇^)

PS: thanks for the bubble wrap <3 I love popping each one of them hahaha (from Masami Shouko's make up box)

Now that I'm currently on my final exam, I have more time writing articles :) so this blog will return to its original pace (=゚ω゚)ノ expect new posts soon (^O^)




  1. The gifts you got are so nice! And congratulations ~ ^ ^

    1. Yeah, I'm really grateful hahaha thanks for commenting, Kuro-chan!!