Sunday, 26 October 2014

Etude Color Pop Lip Tint Review

Annyeong!! :D
Hello everyone!!! It's been a long time, since I finally make a review again.. *sorry for that.. :( been really busy managing my school life -__-" 
..and this time will be about a Korean lip tint that I bought this morning :p actually this is my first time using a lip tint.. haha and I want you guys to give your opinion whether it suits me well or not!! :3 
umm.. here's a photo of the product!
super kawaii packaging >__< 
Colorful + Fun + Trendy = Color pop! 
I choose #06 Bunny Pop 'cause it has the most natural color on my lips and really perfect on my baby make up style!!! 
soo.. pinkish 
and..!here's on my lips...
ahh.. and here's also a photo of me on different lighting and angle!! 
uhh.. it actually seems no different, huh? haha...
come to think about it.. although this product is pretty expensive, but I like it though.. haha 
when I bought this lip tint I also got a "Collagen Moistful Skin Care Kit" and an idr 50k voucher (which I've used to buy some face mask sheets) AS A GIFT!! 
gonna make the reviews later.. okay??!! ;D
anyway, here's some pros and cons of the lip tint..
Pros :
- Natural color
- Smooth and shiny
- Long lasting!!! 
- Smell goods
- Doesn't make your lips dry.. 
Cons :
- Super duper expensive (around idr 268k)  'cause it's an imported stuffs.. I guess haha 

Have you tried a lip tint..? from what brands?? tell me your opinion and comment below!! 


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