Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sman 3 Bandung Inori Event

On Sunday, 31 August I went to a local Japanese event held by Sman 3 Bandung.. the event called inori「祈り」which means "prayer" 
At the main gates before we entered the event we all must paid idr 5k/ person!! 
I had so much fun in there..I went to cosplay cafe, met a lot of new lovely friends, bought some merchandises, tried some foods and accompanied my friends who did a costreet (cosplay street). 
I bought myself doraemon bangle and an anime keychain.. the anime girl on my keychain name Mayuko :D she's pretty cute, right!?? >__< haha
can u guys guess which one is me? :D
my favourite photo with Indonesian Ghost.. pocong!!! :p haha
with ci Lili :D
with Angel, ci Lili and Gaby!! :3
hahahaa me posing like persona character!!! >_<

Michiru :3

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