Tuesday, 23 September 2014

OHM Study Abroad のイベント

Heyheyy everyone!! How's your day? :3 
On Sunday 22 Sept 2014 I went to Osaka Study Abroad education fair with my friends and my sweet Momiji :) hoho
This is the poster..
I actually also came too see one of my bestfriend dance perfomance, Tiffany Miyuki :D She is a member of Love Tunes.. and she was also cosplaying as  Niko Yazawa!! 
Here's the photo of me with her 
Cute right!! hehee :p
Took some selfies with my dear Egin-chan!! my face looks like an egg.. LOL >///< huahaaha
my actual appereance that day.. I had a bad hair day and since my bangs're too long I must tied it up :( 
with cosplayers.. :3 I love Momiji's style too.. she was so cute in a pink wig and a seifuku style clothes!!! 
Momiji and Michiru in some selfies... haha
Selfies with Handika.. he didn't change his expressions at all in every photo... -_-" 
with Miyuki and Momiji :p

With Sebastian!!! kyaa~ he's sooo tall!!! >_< 
with neko onna :3 muahaha 

Aah~ I have a total fun that day... watching my bestfriend perfomance, bought some cheap magazine and tankoubon at Kinokuniya.. eating dessert and  going to every booth.. 

Let's go together again sometimes!!! 


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