Saturday, 20 September 2014

Kai Falsies Review

Helloみんなーさん❗️元気ですか?*\(^o^)/* 今日はカイコレクシオンのナチュラルキュートタイプのアイデコをreviewするつもりです!
Hello everyone! How're you? Today I'm gonna review my kai collection natural cute type eye deco!! :3 
Here you are!! 
Give my eyes such a natural looks and enlarge them!! :3
another photo in a bright lightning
Looks on the side 

Pros :
-Cute and Natural, suitable for everyday use!! 
-Easy to use
-Free special glue :D
-Super light and comfortable
Cons :
- Expensive :( around idr 72k!!! haha

Aah..I wish such a famous brand falsies like this could be cheaper!! 

Tell me your opinion and recommendation about falsies!! Comment below! 


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