Thursday, 11 September 2014

IASO Lip Crayon : Passion Orange (Vivid Tint)


Last Saturday, I got contacted by IASO to make a review about their recent product, 

the iconic LIP CRAYON (^◇^)

It has 6 different shades 

Here are some pictures about the product 

Basically, Lip Crayon has the same function as a lipstick but they're easier to use :)

So, the package from IASO arrived Tuesday, September 9 2014. I immediately 'tested' the product right away (=゚ω゚)ノ

One look at the crayon, it's obvious that its size is small enough to get into your purse :) 

It has different outcome based on your natural lip's color

 ♥︎ Here's the outcome on my lips ↓↓↓

1. Vibrant, vivid color, I really love the outcome on my lips (^∇^)
2. Easy to apply, compared to lipstick
3. Comfortable to use, the crayon tip is very soft (・ω・)ノ
4. The color is long lasting, very very long lasting
5. The product moisten my lips, it doesn't make your lips dry or chapped 
6. Suitable for any make up looks (gyaru, ulzzang, etc)
7. Small and simple packaging, easily fit into bag/purse

Since the color is super duper long lasting, it's quite hard removing the color from your lips. I had to wash my face twice to remove most of the colors and some of them still remained until I washed it off again the next day ε-(´∀`; )

So here are 2 different looks using the lip crayon :D

1. Ulzzang

2. Gyaru

See? It works well with both looks :) 

IASO's available at SOGO, Jakarta and Surabaya :D totally jealous of you who lives there lol

Last, thanks again IASO !



  1. kyaa~ lip crayon <3 , i want to try this product soon :) , thanks for review cii

    1. makasiih hahaha coba deh enak banget pakenya :D

  2. Muka mu mulus bangeeettt *salah fokus
    Ngga pernah nyoba lip crayon dari Brand IASO sebelumnya, jadi penasaran :)
    Aku follow kamu via GFC, kindly to visit my blog and follow me back??

    1. oke followed :) makasih hehe aku juga baru pertama kali coba ko :)

  3. Weiss, jadi juga nih reviewnya haha. Congrats ya, udah dikontak sama IASO segala...keren edan XD
    So different from my blog lol, all gaming info and the occasional randomness hehe...

    1. sabar ci kalo rajin update blog mungkin nanti bisa dapet game gratis kaya youtubers favorit kau ;D