Tuesday, 23 September 2014

OHM Study Abroad のイベント

Heyheyy everyone!! How's your day? :3 
On Sunday 22 Sept 2014 I went to Osaka Study Abroad education fair with my friends and my sweet Momiji :) hoho
This is the poster..
I actually also came too see one of my bestfriend dance perfomance, Tiffany Miyuki :D She is a member of Love Tunes.. and she was also cosplaying as  Niko Yazawa!! 
Here's the photo of me with her 
Cute right!! hehee :p
Took some selfies with my dear Egin-chan!! my face looks like an egg.. LOL >///< huahaaha
my actual appereance that day.. I had a bad hair day and since my bangs're too long I must tied it up :( 
with cosplayers.. :3 I love Momiji's style too.. she was so cute in a pink wig and a seifuku style clothes!!! 
Momiji and Michiru in some selfies... haha
Selfies with Handika.. he didn't change his expressions at all in every photo... -_-" 
with Miyuki and Momiji :p

With Sebastian!!! kyaa~ he's sooo tall!!! >_< 
with neko onna :3 muahaha 

Aah~ I have a total fun that day... watching my bestfriend perfomance, bought some cheap magazine and tankoubon at Kinokuniya.. eating dessert and  going to every booth.. 

Let's go together again sometimes!!! 


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Kai Falsies Review

Helloみんなーさん❗️元気ですか?*\(^o^)/* 今日はカイコレクシオンのナチュラルキュートタイプのアイデコをreviewするつもりです!
Hello everyone! How're you? Today I'm gonna review my kai collection natural cute type eye deco!! :3 
Here you are!! 
Give my eyes such a natural looks and enlarge them!! :3
another photo in a bright lightning
Looks on the side 

Pros :
-Cute and Natural, suitable for everyday use!! 
-Easy to use
-Free special glue :D
-Super light and comfortable
Cons :
- Expensive :( around idr 72k!!! haha

Aah..I wish such a famous brand falsies like this could be cheaper!! 

Tell me your opinion and recommendation about falsies!! Comment below! 


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

My Daily Moisturizer

Heyheyy readers!! :D
what's your daily moisturizer?  
mine is Olay!! 
For a moisturizer with no whitening effect, olay gives me a good care for my dry skin face ;) 
Olay gives me a maximum moisture for my skin 

peacee!! hehee :p 

tell me what's your daily moisturizer!!! 


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Ulzzang Make Up Tutorial #2


I'm back with another tutorial about the ulzzang look hohoho (^O^)this look only took about 5 - 7 minutes, very simple and easy, the only thing needed is a good eye-liner-applying skill :)

Actually applying mascara on upper lashes is optional since it doesn't really make any difference (´・_・`)

And yes, I created this look when I was testing IASO's Lip Crayon :D

I wasn't applying mascara on my upper lashes (^∇^)↓↓↓

Well, thanks for reading :) 



Herbal Essences Shampoo Review

Hello!! Today for the first time in forever.. x_x"  I'm gonna make my first review about hair care..
This morning I'd just bought a new Japanese collection of shampoo, it's called herbal essences and it smells reaally good!!!
It's a fusions of camellia oil and pink rose ❤️🌹 The liquid colour is soft pink.. so cutee.. haha 
and.. the best thing is it does make my hair super smooth after just using it for one times only!! >_< 
Tadaaa!! >w<" 

Pros :
-Good smell
-Smooth your hair
-Cute and girly packaging
- Pretty cheap.. around idr 20k 

Tell me if u have try the lavender one!! 

Michiru :3

Thursday, 11 September 2014

IASO Lip Crayon : Passion Orange (Vivid Tint)


Last Saturday, I got contacted by IASO to make a review about their recent product, 

the iconic LIP CRAYON (^◇^)

It has 6 different shades 

Here are some pictures about the product 

Basically, Lip Crayon has the same function as a lipstick but they're easier to use :)

So, the package from IASO arrived Tuesday, September 9 2014. I immediately 'tested' the product right away (=゚ω゚)ノ

One look at the crayon, it's obvious that its size is small enough to get into your purse :) 

It has different outcome based on your natural lip's color

 ♥︎ Here's the outcome on my lips ↓↓↓

1. Vibrant, vivid color, I really love the outcome on my lips (^∇^)
2. Easy to apply, compared to lipstick
3. Comfortable to use, the crayon tip is very soft (・ω・)ノ
4. The color is long lasting, very very long lasting
5. The product moisten my lips, it doesn't make your lips dry or chapped 
6. Suitable for any make up looks (gyaru, ulzzang, etc)
7. Small and simple packaging, easily fit into bag/purse

Since the color is super duper long lasting, it's quite hard removing the color from your lips. I had to wash my face twice to remove most of the colors and some of them still remained until I washed it off again the next day ε-(´∀`; )

So here are 2 different looks using the lip crayon :D

1. Ulzzang

2. Gyaru

See? It works well with both looks :) 

IASO's available at SOGO, Jakarta and Surabaya :D totally jealous of you who lives there lol

Last, thanks again IASO !


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sman 3 Bandung Inori Event

On Sunday, 31 August I went to a local Japanese event held by Sman 3 Bandung.. the event called inori「祈り」which means "prayer" 
At the main gates before we entered the event we all must paid idr 5k/ person!! 
I had so much fun in there..I went to cosplay cafe, met a lot of new lovely friends, bought some merchandises, tried some foods and accompanied my friends who did a costreet (cosplay street). 
I bought myself doraemon bangle and an anime keychain.. the anime girl on my keychain name Mayuko :D she's pretty cute, right!?? >__< haha
can u guys guess which one is me? :D
my favourite photo with Indonesian Ghost.. pocong!!! :p haha
with ci Lili :D
with Angel, ci Lili and Gaby!! :3
hahahaa me posing like persona character!!! >_<

Michiru :3