Saturday, 2 August 2014

Legends of the Pacific Luau

Hai :)

I was just scrolling my photo gallery and stumbled upon some beautiful memories that I haven't shared in this blog yet and one of them is Hilton's Luau (Waikoloa)!!

Photo taken before entering the Court

The ticket was expensive, depending on your seating. We're in Ali'i Seating aka front rows, more expensive than the normal seating. 

We're seated in a long table <about 20 people per table> and there're some food already set.

This is the only non-alcoholic drink called the green gecko

My drink for the rest of the show : lava flow 

The other drinks, I forgot what they're called :(

The handsome dancer ↓↓↓

He's our favourite <3

Beautiful Hula Girl :) 

The dancers were gorgeous. Their bodies are well toned :/ I was so envious back then σ(^_^;)

I really liked it when the female dancers started doing the hula dance :) they do know how to shake their hips! Even though I'm a girl, I am amazed :o

The show was entertaining and worth the splurge. The show includes some tutorials on how to wear sarong for both men and women, several dances, slight story about the island of Hawai'i and its mountains, and last, spectacular fire dancers performance. And also, you get to take pictures with all of the dancers after the show. 

You also get to meet new people! The strangers in our table were nice. There's this gorgeous family sat right beside us but too bad we don't get to introduce ourselves :( I mean we can be acquaintances if only me and my sister stopped acting all shy and stuff :(((( 

Anyway, love the show I totally want to watch it again :> if I have the money hahaha


Ruixiang :D

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