Monday, 25 August 2014

Heart Broke but Lesson Learnt 💔

It has been a long time and I rarely give any post on this blog and really... please forgive me readers!! T__T 

These past weeks..Not only I've been so busy with my school life, I also went through A LOT of sh*ts.. I'd failed to reach my dreams and desires.. I plan everything but it's all ruined!!
And as you know, I really want to go to AFAID 2014 and nah..
I do really really want to take Momiji with me there but.. yeah, although I've had planned it for 3 months.. God speaks in a totally different way, it kinda shocked me when my cousin told me that he couldn't brought us there :'( (he told me h-2!!!) and how did I suppose to do!! ahaha..find a car rent? joined a car with my other male friends, whom I don't really close to and ever had a clash with.. !!?-_- うざ毛ないなー!
but.. I couldn't blame him also.. he said he had many tasks to do, while I.. selfishly cried for myself 'cause we couldn't go.. I'm such an egoistic person and I hate that.. I really hate that personality of mine.. 
Anyway, heart broke but lessons learnt.. :) 
We all can plan our dreams.. and work as hard as hell.. but don't expect a perfect result as an outcome.. there're always be many flaws, many failures and lesson to learnt 
だからいちばん大事なことは。。never forget that GOD exists, he always be there for us even when we cursed him even when we don't want him in our life.. but he.. has the best plan for all of us..

Semangat terus dan Jangan menyerah!!!

Michiru *\(^o^)/*

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