Saturday, 23 August 2014

☆Gacha Pon 1000%☆

Hello hello!!

Sorry for the long pause :) I have been bombarded with tests and homework(s) and they've done a good job wrecking my peaceful life (¬_¬)

Anyway, I went to the shopping mall today with my lovelies :) and I got myself 2 Uta no Prince-sama keychains <3 Tokiya and Otoya (^◇^)They're so cute hohoho !!

The うた☆プリ Gacha is super adorable and I'm so excited in collecting each of the st☆rish member keychains (minus Cecil, he's not one of the prizes T^T)

So far, I've managed to collect 4 out of 6. Playing Gacha Pon needs a tremendous amount of luck so you won't get the same character twice, especially if you've  only got 1 prize left (⌒-⌒; ) you'd need all the luck in the world (°_°)

Playing Gacha is really fun, aside from having to spend money or unfortunately getting the same prize, mostly, items provided in the Gacha Pon are not sold in stores, they're made exclusively and you'll only get them through playing this machine :) 

I'm a big fan of うた☆プリ and I wish there would be another Gacha Machines featuring QUARTET☆NIGHT and HE☆VENS' members plus not to forget the new starish member, Cecil Aijima!

I'm not much of a HE☆VENS fan since they were being quite a jerk in the anime but nonetheless, they're cool (♡◇♡)

Unlike HE☆VENS, I'm head over heels in love with QUARTET☆NIGHT ♥︎♥︎♥︎

Anyways, sorry for the anime talk (~_~;) I don't know about you but majority of my friends at school think that still liking or watching anime at the age of 17 is lame which is not fine by me actually :/ I like animes and I also like western dramas plus I used to like K-pop and being an otaku is.not.lame :v

I managed to survive my days full of horrible homeworks and terrifying tests by letting myself watch those animes which are mostly entertaining. うた☆プリ is one of my favourite ones (mainly because there are lots of handsome guys) and I hope for season 3 to be made !!

"Maybe everything you wish for won't become stars, but if you have a dream to believe in, they'll be thousands of the most glittering jewels in the night sky." 

I'll try increasing my posting pace and adding more articles beauty-related!



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