Friday, 1 August 2014

Eid Holiday's Haul

First of all, I want to say sorry to everyone because I rarely give this blog an update.. and I hope you all will understand and forgive me, I also want to say Happy Eid!! for those who celebrate it.. :D

Back to the topic, I spent whole of my eid holiday by going on a trip to China!! T__T" 
I went to north China, Yunnan province... to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Shangri la.. and apparently, I do not really enjoy my summer holiday this time, so many reasons to be dissapointed. But, lemme show you the good things first!! 
Below are all of my haul.. ohohoho~
Mirrors, bought 'em at kunming
Stitch pen, bought it at Relay 
Stitch pen againn!!! :D 
I'm so happy 'cause at least even the trip to China itself sucks! we had to transit first at Hongkong international airport for 4 hours before we went back to Jakarta and that made me go shopping like 
crazy( to released the stress..LOL) haha.. especially at Disney store 😍✌️
Ooh.. you all know what's this, right!! XD haha
>___< Duffy bag!!!
Stitch chocos!! :p yummm
And last, my Yak doll!! Yak is a kind of mammal and it's very famous in Shangri-la.. In my opinion Yak's meat tastes like beef, the texture and the taste are similiar..

>__< oooh look at the bag.. so cuteee!!!

After all....a holiday is not a holiday if you don't enjoy it, do not gripe 'cause you won't experience the same feelings twice

Sorry, I cannot post all of my holiday pics in here ( too many!!),perhaps on the other post..therefore, you should always stay tuned with this blog okay!!! Forgive me for long updates.. I'm slow but sure u know :p 
I always want to give my best in every post so, be patient! 

Michiru <3 

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