Monday, 25 August 2014

Color Eye-Liner Sticker Review

Who loves purple!?? 💜
Purple is a sweet and mysterious colour.. it also gives us an elegant yet cheerfull looks :D 
Here's my new color eye-liner sticker below!!!
Simple packaging but not 可愛 at all.. hehee :p
>__<" how's it? what do you think? I myself think it's pretty cute but my parents shocked in the moment I wore them.. haha perhaps the colour's too bright and purplish fakee... only in camera it looks pretty nice :3 

Well, it actually doesn't look/ sound that bad if you want to create such a "look" 
but.. I highly recommend it not to buy this things for a greater purpose :D 
it's just for fun only, I suppose

Tell me what do you think?! 

Michiru :/ 

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