Thursday, 28 August 2014

THEFACESHOP : White Mud Nose Pack

Hello!! Do you have problems with white heads? There are some alternatives to get rid of them, you can go to skin clinics and get a facial treatment or you can use nose packs provided by skincare brands (^ν^)

A few weeks ago, THEFACESHOP were holding a sale so I decided to take a look around and buy myself 2 nosepacks, the white mud nose pack was one of my haul :) 

It's not my first time trying a "peel-off" product but this is sure my first time to apply a peel off type nosepack. As you can see in the picture above, the white mud is pretty sticky and goey (−_−;)

Okay first, wash your face clean and then  you take out some white mud and spread it all over your nose or typical areas where whiteheads reside (⌒▽⌒)

Then you wait for about 10-15 minutes or until the white mud is completely dry. 
Make sure that your nose is not sweaty or wet as it may ruin the nosepack's function.

After the pack is dry, peel off the nosepack carefully (^O^)this part is the most exciting hohoho!

Then done! The treatment is finished ! This nosepack work just like any other normal nosepacks. And sometimes, it takes more than 10-15 minutes to actually take out all those damned white heads ( ゚д゚)

Overall, aside from the cute packaging, fun experience in peeling off the pack and the unusual sensation applying those white muds, this white mud nose pack by THEFACESHOP works just as fine as the other regular nosepacks.  

The only thing that I dislike about this product is the price is quite high :( 

PS : don't clean your white-mud covered finger! Just let it dry and peel it off, believe me, it's easier that way!



Monday, 25 August 2014

Color Eye-Liner Sticker Review

Who loves purple!?? 💜
Purple is a sweet and mysterious colour.. it also gives us an elegant yet cheerfull looks :D 
Here's my new color eye-liner sticker below!!!
Simple packaging but not 可愛 at all.. hehee :p
>__<" how's it? what do you think? I myself think it's pretty cute but my parents shocked in the moment I wore them.. haha perhaps the colour's too bright and purplish fakee... only in camera it looks pretty nice :3 

Well, it actually doesn't look/ sound that bad if you want to create such a "look" 
but.. I highly recommend it not to buy this things for a greater purpose :D 
it's just for fun only, I suppose

Tell me what do you think?! 

Michiru :/ 

Heart Broke but Lesson Learnt 💔

It has been a long time and I rarely give any post on this blog and really... please forgive me readers!! T__T 

These past weeks..Not only I've been so busy with my school life, I also went through A LOT of sh*ts.. I'd failed to reach my dreams and desires.. I plan everything but it's all ruined!!
And as you know, I really want to go to AFAID 2014 and nah..
I do really really want to take Momiji with me there but.. yeah, although I've had planned it for 3 months.. God speaks in a totally different way, it kinda shocked me when my cousin told me that he couldn't brought us there :'( (he told me h-2!!!) and how did I suppose to do!! ahaha..find a car rent? joined a car with my other male friends, whom I don't really close to and ever had a clash with.. !!?-_- うざ毛ないなー!
but.. I couldn't blame him also.. he said he had many tasks to do, while I.. selfishly cried for myself 'cause we couldn't go.. I'm such an egoistic person and I hate that.. I really hate that personality of mine.. 
Anyway, heart broke but lessons learnt.. :) 
We all can plan our dreams.. and work as hard as hell.. but don't expect a perfect result as an outcome.. there're always be many flaws, many failures and lesson to learnt 
だからいちばん大事なことは。。never forget that GOD exists, he always be there for us even when we cursed him even when we don't want him in our life.. but he.. has the best plan for all of us..

Semangat terus dan Jangan menyerah!!!

Michiru *\(^o^)/*

Sunday, 24 August 2014


Hello guys! First time reviewing a face mask here :) 

I normally use any face masks I have, they have about the same effect upon my skin you know, the cool and silky feeling you get when you graze your cheeks after wearing a mask ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I bought this mask a few weeks ago, then I had this acne problem on my forehead :/

The mask is used to reduce oil, you have to use it like 2-3 times a week to get optimum result. 

Here's the inside of the package

First you apply the upper mask

Then the lower mask. 

Good thing it covers your face perfectly

The masks reach your ears and cover your chin plus jawline 

The mask itself is not expensive. I forgot the price but it was under 50k Rupiah(s) amd you can find them at supermarkets or stores like guardian or wattson 

After two weeks, the big acne has gone for good but there are still some "remains" left :( 

Conclusion : not super effective against my skin



Saturday, 23 August 2014


When I was in Waikiki, I went to this Japanese restaurant called Benihana. It was located in the Hilton Waikiki Village rainbow market.
The restaurant was always crowded so you have to reserve some seats first. But you can eat outside if you want to and you don't need to reserve first. The menu is limited though.



Garlic rice, totally recommend this one :)

Fried sushi


All of the food were delicious. I really love the garlic rice. Anyway, when I was in Jakarta, I found out that Benihana is also open in Grand Indonesia, East Mall.

Not like in Hawaii, in Grand Indonesia, the restaurant isn't crowded. 

All of us (me and my family) ordered seared salmon. My dad added miso soup.


And garlic fried rice (salmon not included)

The fried rice's portion is really big and it tastes different from the garlic rice Waikiki branch. But it's still delicious. I managed to eat it not leaving any single rice o_o

Anyway, benihana is pricey I guess. The ocha can be refilled and in waikiki, the mineral water is free.



☆Gacha Pon 1000%☆

Hello hello!!

Sorry for the long pause :) I have been bombarded with tests and homework(s) and they've done a good job wrecking my peaceful life (¬_¬)

Anyway, I went to the shopping mall today with my lovelies :) and I got myself 2 Uta no Prince-sama keychains <3 Tokiya and Otoya (^◇^)They're so cute hohoho !!

The うた☆プリ Gacha is super adorable and I'm so excited in collecting each of the st☆rish member keychains (minus Cecil, he's not one of the prizes T^T)

So far, I've managed to collect 4 out of 6. Playing Gacha Pon needs a tremendous amount of luck so you won't get the same character twice, especially if you've  only got 1 prize left (⌒-⌒; ) you'd need all the luck in the world (°_°)

Playing Gacha is really fun, aside from having to spend money or unfortunately getting the same prize, mostly, items provided in the Gacha Pon are not sold in stores, they're made exclusively and you'll only get them through playing this machine :) 

I'm a big fan of うた☆プリ and I wish there would be another Gacha Machines featuring QUARTET☆NIGHT and HE☆VENS' members plus not to forget the new starish member, Cecil Aijima!

I'm not much of a HE☆VENS fan since they were being quite a jerk in the anime but nonetheless, they're cool (♡◇♡)

Unlike HE☆VENS, I'm head over heels in love with QUARTET☆NIGHT ♥︎♥︎♥︎

Anyways, sorry for the anime talk (~_~;) I don't know about you but majority of my friends at school think that still liking or watching anime at the age of 17 is lame which is not fine by me actually :/ I like animes and I also like western dramas plus I used to like K-pop and being an otaku is.not.lame :v

I managed to survive my days full of horrible homeworks and terrifying tests by letting myself watch those animes which are mostly entertaining. うた☆プリ is one of my favourite ones (mainly because there are lots of handsome guys) and I hope for season 3 to be made !!

"Maybe everything you wish for won't become stars, but if you have a dream to believe in, they'll be thousands of the most glittering jewels in the night sky." 

I'll try increasing my posting pace and adding more articles beauty-related!



Thursday, 14 August 2014

Ulzzang Make Up Tutorial #1

 안녕~ (^ν^)/

I used to be a big fan of korean stuff for about 6 months :) I even went to South Korea and learned some basic Korean phrases :) but that was 2 years ago and I'm not part of those k-poppers anymore.

Anyway, recently, I don't wear contacts and I'm currently in love with ulzzang make up. They're so simple and fast! 

1. Apply foundation or just use BB Cream
2. Apply powder
3. for the eye make up, follow the simple steps bellow, you only need eyeliner and mascara (⌒▽⌒) 

4. Gloss on your lips is enough
5. You're ready to go ;)

Onto the final look :D

Sorry for the photos and weird poses -_- just trying to copy those ulzzang girls hahahaha

Thanks for reading, hope this helps!



Saturday, 2 August 2014

Romano's Macaroni Grill

Romano's Macaroni Grill is one of my favourite restaurant in Waikoloa, Hawai'i.

It's located in the Queen's Market, Waikiki and is very easy to reach :)

Each table is actually covered with white paper and we're given crayons to write on them :D

My drink ↓↓↓

We're given warm bread and oil while waiting for our food :) the bread was delicious (-_^)

This is grilled mahi-mahi plus orzo :) I super duper recommend this dish if you ever visit this grill <3 just ask for today's "fresh catch". 

This is the flatbread :)

Mom's Ricotta Meatballs & Spaghetti

This one is mom's "create your own" pasta

Calamari Fritti 

The food was delicious and the service was good. I'd definitely come again to this lovely place :)



Legends of the Pacific Luau

Hai :)

I was just scrolling my photo gallery and stumbled upon some beautiful memories that I haven't shared in this blog yet and one of them is Hilton's Luau (Waikoloa)!!

Photo taken before entering the Court

The ticket was expensive, depending on your seating. We're in Ali'i Seating aka front rows, more expensive than the normal seating. 

We're seated in a long table <about 20 people per table> and there're some food already set.

This is the only non-alcoholic drink called the green gecko

My drink for the rest of the show : lava flow 

The other drinks, I forgot what they're called :(

The handsome dancer ↓↓↓

He's our favourite <3

Beautiful Hula Girl :) 

The dancers were gorgeous. Their bodies are well toned :/ I was so envious back then σ(^_^;)

I really liked it when the female dancers started doing the hula dance :) they do know how to shake their hips! Even though I'm a girl, I am amazed :o

The show was entertaining and worth the splurge. The show includes some tutorials on how to wear sarong for both men and women, several dances, slight story about the island of Hawai'i and its mountains, and last, spectacular fire dancers performance. And also, you get to take pictures with all of the dancers after the show. 

You also get to meet new people! The strangers in our table were nice. There's this gorgeous family sat right beside us but too bad we don't get to introduce ourselves :( I mean we can be acquaintances if only me and my sister stopped acting all shy and stuff :(((( 

Anyway, love the show I totally want to watch it again :> if I have the money hahaha


Ruixiang :D