Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The World is Mine

Hello !

It's already 8 pm but I'd like to write a short article about my latest interest : nail art :)

My school has a strict policy about nails. Sadly nail art aren't allowed. If they see our nails painted, they'd use paper cutter to remove the colour. Scary right :( but I don't know if that actually happens. I hope it's just a threat.

Anyway, I did a little experiment on my nails using white nail polish and aqualip. 
And here's the final result! 

My sister's actually the one who came up with this idea. (If you're reading this, sister, I told you, I didn't steal any credits!)

The tricky part is when you have to draw those flags with your left hand (I'm right-handed). Greece is the hardest to make while the easiest would be Indonesia.

Anyway, should I post a tutorial about this one or shouldn't I? 



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